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Outdoor Magazine Radio 3/28

We started out this week’s Outdoor Magazine show talking turkey, then switched over to a fishing theme that took us through to the end.

First, Derrick Poet of Jay’s Sporting Goods joined me  with some great advice on how to be successful in the upcoming season.  Derrick talked about the differences between turkey hunting with a bow and a shotgun.  The veteran hunter also stressed the importance of patterning your shotgun before heading to the turkey woods.

Next Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews came on board  to share his thoughts on turkey hunting in Michigan and how it’s changed over the years.  He also gave us a preview of the upcoming Woods-n-Waternews.

Hour number two kicked off with Ted Takasaki of the Lindy Little Joe Company.  Ted talked about walleye fishing in Michigan rivers and the Great Lakes.  He had some great advice on running live bait rigs for spring and summer fish.

Mark Romanack of Precision Angling helped us wrap up the hour.  Mark talked about a new motor company he’s working with, and his plans for fishing southern lake Michigan for coho and brown trout.

In the third hour of this week’s Outdoor Magazine radio show I talked with Todd Grischke of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Todd is in the fisheries division of the department.  He reminded us new fishing licenses are now needed and talked of some changes anglers should be aware of for the new season.

And finally, we wrapped up this week’s show as we always do….with a visit from Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  Dave brought us up to speed on his move to the Clio Country Club and the progress of his new brand of wild game soups.

A very busy, and informative, edition of Outdoor Magazine Radio.  I hope you enjoy it

Outdoor Magazine Radio 3/21

A busy show this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio. You can listen to the program here.

First I talked about some criticism I’ve been getting on a couple of issues.  It seems some people don’t like my support for crossbows.  Others are upset that I showed a ninety yard archery shot by one of our pro staffers. I defended my position on both topics and you can listen to that by

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Next, I talked with Dan Lipski of River Kat Guide Service.  Dan fishes the Grand River for catfish in the springtime and early summer.

We wrapped up the first hour of this week’s Outdoor Magazine show talking with Randy Jorgensen of the Woods-n-Waternews.

In hour number two I discussed food plots with Eric Sherwood of Whitetail Select.  Eric says now is the time to start working on those plots for the fall hunting season.  He gave me some great tips on choosing the right spot and maintaining a healthy food plot.

Next, Ed Baldwin of the Michigan Squirrel Hunters Association joined me.  Ed talked about a state competition for squirrel dog hunters next weekend.  He also gave me some insight into the appeal of the sport.

In the final hour of the show, Rob Smollack of  ASAT camouflage joined me on the phone line from his office in the mountains of Montana.  I’ve used ASAT in the past with success and it was interesting to hear Rob talk about why the pattern is effective.

Finally, we wrapped up the show with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar.  Dave told me of a couple big wild game dinners he has planned and brought me up to speed on his new line of wild game soup.

Lots of great information this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.  I hope you enjoy the program.


My Truck

I like trucks.  I like the way they drive, the way they look and the places they can take you.  For me, choosing a truck can be a tough decision because most of  today’s models are more comfortable and reliable than ever.

When it came time to to get a new truck last year I chose another Dodge. I got a Ram 1500 Quad Cab from my buddy Bill Martin at Martin Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep in Alma Michigan.

It’s a good looking truck, a light silver color  that hides dirt real well…but I wanted something more.   I wanted my ride to be different from all the others on the road.  The good folks at had just what I was looking for.Mike's Dodge with CamoHeadquarters trim

I had worked with CamoHeadquarters before and knew their stuff was top quality, functional…and it looks good.

On this truck I went with fender flares and rocker panel accents….


I also chose tail light covers…


Along with hood, and window deflectors…


I got everything in Realtree AP Green HD.


All of the pieces were easy to install and the project took just a few hours.

I think it’s a pretty cool look, and I get lots of  attention from other drivers.

If you’d like to make a statement with your vehicle, check out  It’s an American company with good people and great products.



Bad Example?

I’ve been getting a fair amount of heat lately over a recent Jay’s Outdoor Magazine show featuring one of our Pro Staffers.

In the program Gus Congemi takes a nice New Mexico antelope with his bow at ninety yards.  Yep, ninety yards.

Some people think it was unethical to take that shot, and a bad example to show it on television.

I understand those concerns, but disagree.

It probably would be a bad idea for most archers, but with Gus, it’s a different story.

Gus shoots a high poundage bow (90 pounds) that allows him to shoot at long distances with a flatter trajectory.  He shoots almost every day and routinely practices at a hundred yards.

The Outfitter had seen Gus shoot before the hunt and gave him the green light to take the shot.

Gus is a very accomplished and dedicated bowhunter.  He would not have let that arrow fly  if he had any doubt about taking the animal.

I think the hunt actually illustrates what a dedicated archer is capable of  with enough practice and good equipment.

Hunting ethics are a very personal thing.  One hunter cannot tell another what they should, or should not, be doing.  Unfortunately, we’re seeing more of that lately.

I believe hunters today need to stick together.  If not, the anti hunters will take advantage of our weakness.

We need to worry less about our fellow hunter’s ethics.  If what they’re doing is legal, then it’s none of our business.

And again for the record, I have no problem with showing that hunt on the air and you’ll see lots more of Gus in future programs.


Watch Online

You can now watch Jay’s Outdoor Magazine show on our website at this link.  The current library consists of about thirty five programs and we will continue to add new shows as we produce them.

When you go to that page the video plays automatically.  You can stop it by clicking the pause button below the player window.  You’ll notice there are four shows to choose from on that first page.  You can click the right arrow button to scroll through additional episodes.

We’re also posting video on YouTube and have even created an Outdoor Magazine You Tube Channel.

We plan to continue adding shows and other videos.  Maybe even some Dixie Dave stuff…stay tuned.

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Radio Studio



National Park Bullet Ban

While recording this week’s radio show I got an email that really made me mad. It seems the National Park Service is banning lead bullets on their grounds because they say the bullets are damaging to the environment and to hunters who eat the wild game harvested with that ammo. What a crock. There are no studies that show that to be true, but it doesn’t matter. This is just one more piece of the puzzle against hunting and shooting. I discussed this (rant) on the show. Here’s that excerpt…

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Outdoor Magazine Radio 3/14

We had lots to talk about this week on the Outdoor Magazine radio show.  You can listen here.

First, the issue of crossbows came up, but this time we weren’t speculating on what was going to happen….we knew. The Natural Resources Commission had earlier voted to open up the southern lower peninsula to just about anyone who wants to use a crossbow during the archery season. It was also decided to let archers over 50 use them across the rest of the state.

We talked about the implications of that decision with Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs

Randy Wood of the TenPoint crossbow company also joined us to talk about the impact crossbow hunting will have here in Michigan. He also gave us some tips on what to look for in choosing a crossbow.

We wrapped up the first hour of the show by talking with Tom Campbell of Woods-n-WaterNews

Professional walleye angler Tommy Skarlis kicked off hour number two of the show. Tom gave us a preview of what to expect at the big fishing show in Grand Rapids next weekend. He also had some tips on how to catch more fish.

Next up, Mark Romanack of Precision Angling. Mark joined us from Lansing where he was setting up for the Fishing show at the Lansing Civic Center. We talked about that show and also Mark’s plans to videotape a Fishing 411 TV show on the Detroit River sometime in the next couple of weeks.

In hour number three of this week’s program I started off talking about my experience setting up, and shooting my new recurve bow. I’m really excited to hunt turkeys this spring with that piece of traditional archery tackle and will keep you informed of my progress.

Craig Myers of Lowrance Electronics also joined us to talk about the new generation of HD sonar and mapping units. If you’re in the market for new electronics, this is the hottest stuff on the market this season.

As always, we wrapped up this week’s show with wild game chef extraordinaire Dixie Dave Minar. Dave brought us up to speed on his wild game soups and talked about the challenges of cooking for hundreds of guests at a wild game dinner.

A good show this week and I hope you enjoy it.


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