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Outdoor Magazine TV (week of 8/31)

We’re on the road again this week with the Outdoor Magazine pro staff.

First, Scott DeVuyst and Chris Kipp head west to Montana. They’re hunting deer with Rocky NIles of Rocky Outfitters.

On the second morning Chris takes his first mule deer and later Scott scores on a beautiful whitetail.

Then the veteran team are off to Quebec Canada…to a place called Camp Rudy, about six hours north of Montreal.

The guys fight some nasty black flies and mosquitos to find some great brook trout and pike fishing action.

Scott also takes a nice bear with his bow on this trip.

A mixed bag of great outdoor action this week on Outdoor Magazine. I hope you enjoy it….


Outdoor Magazine Radio (weekend of 8/29)

This week on Outdoor Magazine radio….

I tell the story of my close encounter with a four hundred pound black bear while hunting with Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters in northern Ontario.

Then Scott DeVuyst of Whitetail Select joins me to talk about dove hunting in northern Indiana.

We wrap up the first hour with Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews.

Hour two has a great conversation with noted professional walleye angler Tommy Skarlis. Tommy won the inaugural AIM walleye tournament in Bay City Michigan earlier this year. He has some great tips on targeting fall walleye. Tommy is also an avid hunter and shares his thoughts on the appeal of that sport.

Our final hour kicks off with George Lynch of Lynch Mob Game Calls. George talks about the finer points of calling waterfowl and how to target geese during Michigan’s early season.

The show wraps up with Wild Game Chef Dixie Dave Minar. Dave has a hearty bear recipe for us.

Another interesting and informative show. I hope you enjoy it……


I’m going back….

Look at these pictures! They show a 442 pound black bear taken by my guide Terry near White River Ontario.

Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters with a huge bear

Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters with a huge bear

Guide Terry turned trophy bear hunter

Guide Terry turned trophy bear hunter

I was already thinking about heading back to try to fill my tag…now I’m going for sure.

I don’t expect to take a bear this size, but you never know….


Ontario Bear Hunt Wrap Up

Well, I’m back from the northern Ontario Bush after hunting six days with Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters.. As I described a couple of days ago, I had a close encounter with a huge bear, but couldn’t get a shot.

Here’s a picture of that bear taken from videotape.
big bear

On the last night of the hunt we moved to a different bait and had a nice bear come in as the light was fading. In fact, it was too dark to take a shot. We were only able to get video of the bear by manipulating the camera.

You can see a short clip of that bear by clicking here.

Here’s a picture of that second bear.
last bear

Even though I didn’t get a bear it was one of the most memorable hunts of my life. The country around White River is beautiful and Pete runs a first class operation.

In fact, I’m hoping to go back in a couple of weeks and get a second chance at that big bear….


Outdoor Magazine TV (week of 8/24)

This week on Outdoor Magazine I’m hunting turkeys in my home state of Michigan. To make the challenge even tougher…I’m using a Predator recurve bow.

I knew taking a longbeard with traditional archery tackle would be a challenge, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I sat in an Ameristep Dominator ground blind for twelve days and had several close encounters with nice birds before finally putting one down a half hour before my season ended.

Lots of great turkey hunting action with traditional archery tackle this week on Outdoor Magazine….I hope you enjoy it.


Bear Hunt Update

I’ve seen  the biggest bear of my life while hunting here in White River with Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters.

Two nights ago a big boar I estimate at close to four hundred pounds walked within eight feet or our blind then headed back to the bait. He hung around for several minutes, but wouldn’t give me a shot.

Here is a short clip of  that bear taken with my handheld camcorder.

I could have easily shot that big guy with a gun, but with my recurve I’m waiting for the perfect angle.

Maybe he’ll give me that opportunity tonight. I’ll let you know.


Outdoor Magazine Radio (weekend of 8/22)

This week on Outdoor Magazine radio….

First, I talk with my friend Bill Pyles of Ohio Bowhunting Outfitters. Bill is not only a hard working outfitter, but also an expert bowhunter for whitetails. He talks about his operation and how to be more effective when hunting for trophy bucks.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews joins me to wrap up the first hour.

Next I talk with Ted Harpham of Darton Archery. I’ve formed a partnership with Darton as the official compound bow sponsor of Outdoor Magazine TV and radio. They’ve been making bows for almost sixty years and I’m proud to be working with them.

Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 and Precision Angling wraps up the hour talking with me about his experience with Darton over the years. We also discuss fishing for walleye during the late summer transition period that many anglers find so frustrating.

In the third hour we’re joined by another friend of mine….Tim Roller. Tim owns the Ultimate Outfitters guide service in Michigan and he’s the host and producers of the Wild Addiction TV show seen each week on Sportsman Channel.

Tim talks about casting crankbaits for giant king salmon in the Manistee River.

We wrap up this week’s show with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. As always, Dave has a great wild game recipe.

Another interesting and informative show….I hope you enjoy it.


No bear yet

After two days of hunting in northern Ontario with Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters the score is Bear-2, Avery-0.

We bumped a bear off the bait the first afternoon and didn’t see anything the rest of the night.

Yesterday it rained all day and the bears weren’t moving….again, we didn’t see anything.

It rained all night and it’s still raining a little now. I’m a bit concerned about getting back to our blind this afternoon. We have to drive twenty miles off the main road on a logging road, then drive across a beaver dam after that. That dam was already getting a little soft last night.
Beaver dam crossing

We might have to stop short of there and walk the rest of the way in. If so, the bears might not be getting as much bait.

So far the two most important pieces of gear have been the Ameristep blind to keep us dry and the Thermacell to fight off the swarms of mosquitos.

I’ll let you know how tonight’s hunt turns out. You can also follow on Twitter and Facebook too.


Outdoor Magazine TV (week of 8/17)

This week we’re following the Pro Staff on Outdoor Magazine….

First Chris Kipp and Scott DeVuyst head west to Wyoming for an antelope hunt. Scott scores on a big buck right away, but Chris struggles a little. Eventually he connects on his first speed goat.

Then, the guys head north to Ontario Canada for a black bear hunt. We’ll watch as Scott takes a nice boar.

Some good hunting action this week on Outdoor Magazine. I hope you enjoy the show….


We’ve got a big bear on the bait

I leave next week for a bear hunt near White River Ontario with Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters.

It’s a hunt I look forward to for many reasons.

First, it kicks off the fall hunting season. Anytime I can hunt big game with a bow in mid August, I’m all for it.

Second, Pete is one of the hardest working outfitters you’ll find anywhere. He runs more than a hundred baits and starts baiting long before most others even think about it.

Third, there are lots of bears in the White River area….and some big ones too. Take a look at these trailcam pics Pete sent me of the bait I’ll be hunting….
avery set 2009 018
avery set 2009 021
avery set 2009 026
avery set 2009 045
avery set 2009 048
avery set 2009 050
avery set 2009 057
If those don’t get you excited you’d better put your bow away for a while.

I showed the pictures to my friend and noted black bear expert Richard P. Smith . He says the bear is in the 375 to 450 pound class with a 19 inch plus skull…definitely Pope and Young material!

I’ll be hunting from the ground in an Ameristep Dominator blind, and to make it even more interesting, I’ll be using a Predator Recurve bow.

I’ll try to post more from White River. Wish me luck.