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Michigan’s New Record Musky

The state has another new record fish. Kyle Anderson caught a huge musky from Torch Lake near Traverse City.

You can read the details here from the Field and Stream website.

Kyle is a hard core musky angler who has caught several fish over fifty inches. I interviewed him for the Outdoor Magazine radio show about his new record. You can hear that conversation by

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This is the second record Michigan fish in the past few weeks. Tom Healy caught a world record brown trout from the Manistee River while casting for salmon back in August.

It looks like northwest Michigan is a pretty good place to fish!


This Week on Outdoor Magazine TV

We kick off a new season this week with a couple of good friends.

First, Jim Barta of The Hunter Safety System is bowhunting in central Illinois. JIm has a close encounter with a big buck, but he can’t get a shot. Later, that buck returns chasing a doe and Jim is able to get the job done.

Then, Pro Staffer Mark Romanack heads north to Sasketchewan where he’s chasing monster pike and big black bears at the Lloyd Lake Lodge.

Romanack is into big fish every day, and he sees lots of bears each night, but not the one he’s looking for.

Finally, after moving to a very remote stand, Mark gets a shot at a very big bear.

Lots of great bowhunting action this week as we kick off a new season of Outdoor Magazine. I hope you enjoy it…..


This Weekend on Outdoor Magazine Radio (9/26)

Another busy show this week on the Outdoor Magazine radio show as we get ready for hunting season.

First, I talk about Michigan’s crossbow speed limit. I think it’s a silly law and unenforceable. You can read more here.

Next, RJ Meyer of The Trophy Room taxidermy studio joins me. RJ has some great field care tips for hunters to get the best trophy mount possible.

We wrap up the hour with Tom Campbell of the Woods-n-Waternews.

Hour two kicks off with Lt. Craig Grey of the Michigan DNR. The Lieutenant has some advice on staying legal in the field this hunting season. We also get the department’s official position on enforcement of crossbow speeds.

You can listen to that conversation by

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Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 and Precision Angling wraps up the hour. We talk about Mark’s experience with his kids during the youth waterfowl season last weekend, and his plans for the youth deer hunt this weekend.

In our final hour John Eberhart joins me to talk about whitetail hunting in Michigan. John is one of the best deer hunters I know. John has some great tips and information on hunting pressured whitetails…which covers most of Michigan. For more details you can order John’s books and DVD from his website.

The show wraps up with my friend and expert wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. Dave was ready to give me a tasty goose recipe, but we started shooting the breeze and never got around to it.

It’s another busy show this week filled with great information…I hope you enjoy it.


Michigan’s Crossbow Speed Limit

I’m a big fan of crossbows and I’m very pleased Michigan hunters will be able to use them this fall. However, I think the speed limit put in place by the Natural Resources Commission is silly.

The law states a crossbow capable of shooting more than 350 feet per second is illegal to use for hunting.

I realize that restriction was instituted to placate the anti crossbow crowd, but it makes no sense. We don’t limit the speed of traditional bows or even compounds, so why should crossbows be singled out?

To make the law even more ridiculous, I don’t believe it can be enforced. The only way to effectively monitor such a speed limit is to equip all Michigan Conservation Officers with chronographs, or maybe radar guns…and that’s not going to happen.

There’s no money in the DNR’s budget for such items these days and Officers barely have time to handle much more important complaints.

The official line from the Department is that CO’s will use information provided by the crossbow companies about how fast their bows are. Those claims are often exaggerated by the manufacturers and don’t always provide a true gauge of a crossbow’s performance.

Even if those specs are accurate, most crossbows can be slowed down to shoot less than 350 fps by using heavier bolts (arrows) and broadheads. Wardens would have to take all of those factors into account in deciding if a bow is legal.

I don’t think that’s a good use of their already limited time and resources.

The speed limit puts Conservation Officers in a tough spot. Their bosses (DNR commissioners) say Wardens must enforce the law, so publicly that has to be the policy.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

to an excerpt from an interview I did with Lt. Craig Grey for the Outdoor Magazine radio show talking about this issue.

Realistically, I doubt many Officers will go out of their way to enforce the crossbow speed limit. However, it puts law abiding Michigan bowhunters in a very uncomfortable spot. They can disregard the law that’s obviously silly, or choose to obey that law even though it has no basis in fact.

The crossbow regulations are scheduled to be looked at again in three years. I hope it doesn’t take that long to correct this problem.


News Release from Darton


Popular outdoor personality Mike Avery has teamed up with Darton Archery as his bow sponsor for both his award winning “Outdoor Magazine” television and radio broadcasts for 2010.

“My first compound bow was a Darton SL50MX. That MX, and its predecessor the SL50, are probably responsible for more dead deer that any other bow in modern history”, Mike stated on one of his recent radio broadcasts. He added “Today’s Darton bows bear little resemblance to those early models, but the philosophy is the same…to use the latest technology and create fast, shootable bows at a good price.”

Darton is excited to have Mike Avery represent their “Built to Hunt” bowline in this, their 60th Anniversary in the archery market. “Mike Avery is a veteran outdoor broadcaster. Sportsman Channel named him the “Sportsman of the Year” and he has promoted the hunting and outdoor lifestyle in Michigan for many years. We are proud to have him promoting Darton” stated Rex Darlington, President of Darton Archery.

Visit Darton at and Mike Avery at his site “Darton bows have come a long way since the old SL50, but so has my hunting career. That why it feels good to come home to Darton”, says Avery.


Updated Ohio Trailcam Pics

Here is the latest batch from Bill Pyles of Ohio Bowhunting Outfitters.

Bill runs a first class operation in central Ohio. Knox and Licking counties are known for big bucks and Bill has access to plenty of prime land there.

I’m going down there in a few weeks and I couldn’t be more excited…especially with pictures like these.

It’s my understanding he still has a few openings this fall, so if these guys get your attention….give him a call. The phone number is on their website.

Nice mass

Nice mass

Right behind the shoulder...if it was daylight of course

Right behind the shoulder...if it was daylight of course

Check out the guy in the background on the right

Check out the guy in the background on the right

Oh yes!

Oh yes!

Treestand nearby?

Treestand nearby?


This week on Outdoor Magazine TV (9/21)

We take a look back at our past season of Outdoor Magazine television.

First, host Mike Avery heads to Kansas after whitetails. Then, Jim Barta of the Hunter Safety System hunts that same state, but with a bow.

Next, Avery is turkey hunting in Michigan…with a recurve. That’s followed by pro staffer Scott DeVuyst hunting Antelope in Wyoming.

The focus changes then to fishing as Mike tries his luck for giant king salmon on Michigan’s Manistee River with Jason Phillips of Riverman Custom Boats.

We wrap up the show with two more turkey hunts. First, Chad Stearns of Jay’s Sporting Goods, then Pat McKenna of the Ameristep company.

Lots of great outdoor action this week on Outdoor Magazine TV. I hope you enjoy it.


WSGW-FM Airtime Upgrade

Just a quick update…

WSGW-FM (100.5) in Saginaw, Michigan now airs the Outdoor Magazine radio show on Saturday morning from nine to noon. It previously aired from 6-9AM.

Their sister station, Newsradio 790 WSGW-AM, still carries the program on Sunday mornings from nine to noon.

Thanks to the good folks at WSGW for being strong partners of Outdoor Magazine. I appreciate their support and encourage you to listen to their programs and do business with their advertisers.


Old Dog With New Tricks

I’ve been doing Outdoor Television for a long time now. It’s changed a lot since those early days. For one thing the shows are much more sophisticated. Special effects and fancy graphics are the norm on today’s top tier programs.

It also seems like many of the hosts now are pretty young. In fact, I’m probably old enough to be their dad.

It can be hard to compete with those talented young producers and their state of the art production techniques. We’ve come up with concept though that I think helps set the Outdoor Magazine show apart from the crowd.

A couple of months ago we started using video cameras in the radio studio. There are actually three cameras in place.

It’s a technique national talk show hosts have been using for a while, and some sports shows have picked up on it too. Until now though it hasn’t been used in the world of Outdoor Media.

We record segments of the Outdoor Magazine radio show and edit them into the TV show. So far it’s worked out very well.

I’ve heard lots of positive comments about the integration of the TV and radio shows, but now we’ve added another aspect.

In the second show of the new season that kicks off in October, we’ve added another camera angle..this one of the end of our phone line. I interviewed pro staffer Gus Congemi about his latest African bowhunting safari. We recorded my end of the conversation on videotape and also had a camera on Gus. Those clips were edited together with scenes recorded during the hunt.

I’m pretty happy with how the concept looks, and plan to continue using it on a regular basis. I suspect eventually one of the other producers will pick up on the idea, but for now I’m the only outdoor guy doing it.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.


Outdoor Magazine Radio This Weekend (9/19)

We get ready for hunting season this week on the Outdoor Magazine radio show.

First, I talk about my experiences at the Darton archery shooting trailer while at the Woods-n-Waternews Outdoor Weekend. We had lots of interest in the Pro Series bows, and also the Ranger models for young shooters. The crossbows were popular as well with many archers shooting one for the first time at the show.

Next, Eric Sherwood of Whitetail Select joins me to talk about food plots. I thought it was too late to put one in for this year, but Eric has some tips on how to get one in the ground in time for the whitetail rut.

We wrap up the hour with Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews with a look at the latest issue of that magazine.

Hour two kicks off with Jim Barta of the Hunter Safety System. Jim, and his partners John and Jerry Wydner, has changed the way treestand hunters look at safety. With the introduction of their full body harness that’s built into a vest, hunters have no excuse not to be safe in a treestand. Jim gives us some tips on how to use their products.

Next, Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 and Precision Angling joins me to talk a little fall fishing. We also talk about preparation for hunting season.

Our third hour kicks off with Doug Deming of the Fish Point Lodge. The lodge has been a hunting and fishing destination on Saginaw Bay for many years. Doug talks about the youth season for waterfowl and give us some advice on open water duck and goose hunting.

The show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has a very nice goose recipe.

Lots of outdoor news and information this week on Outdoor Magazine radio. I hope you enjoy it.