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This weekend on Outdoor Magazine radio…..

We kick off the show by talking with the owner of a new Michigan company. Tim Yaroch of MOR Archery Targets. Tim tells me how he came up with the concept and who he thinks they’ll appeal to.

Next, Tony Hanson of Michigan United Conservation Clubs kicks off a new segment as we discuss the latest outdoor related issues. Tony will be joining me on a regular basis over the next several months.

Hour two opens with John Eberhart. In my opinion, John is one of Michigan’s premiere bowhunters. He shares some post season scouting techniques and we talk about the state of hunting in general.

The hour wraps up with Mark Romanack of Precision Angling and Fishing 411 Television. We talk about ice fishing on Saginaw Bay and picking the right outfitter for a fly in fishing trip.

Michigan’s “Mister U.P.” joins me in the third hour of this week’s show. Dan Donarski is a veteran outdoor writer and observer of all things outdoors in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He’s also a booking agent for first class African Safaris through his company Hunter’s Horn Adventures. Dan and I talk about a wide range of topics including ice fishing and possible misuse of deer range improvement funds.

The show wraps up with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. Dave tells me about the re-opening of his restaurant and we discuss a couple of fundraising dinners coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Another busy show. I hope you enjoy it……

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This weekend’s radio show (1/23/10)

The latest edition of Outdoor Magazine radio is another busy show….

We kick off the program with Derrick Poet of Jay’s Sporting Goods. Derrick and I talk about the recent ATA show in Columbus, including the new gear and products coming to market this summer.

Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews wraps up the hour with a look at the February edition of Michigan’s premier outdoor publication.

We talk turkey in the second hour with Al Stewart of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. January is the time to apply for a spring turkey permit in Michigan. Al gives me a history lesson about turkey hunting in the state and the status of that sport today.

Then, Mark Romanack of Precision Trolling and Fishing 411 TV joins me to talk about ice fishing for walleye on Saginaw Bay.

The third hour features Pro Staffer Gus Congemi of New York State. Gus is a hard core bowhunter and adventure junkie. He tells me about his latest adventure in Wyoming when he crawled into a cave after a mountain lion. Yep….into a cave. You won’t want to miss that conversation.

The show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar who was another great wild game recipe.

Another interesting and diverse show. I hope you enjoy it.

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Bonus Sportsman Channel Air Times

I just found out Sportsman Channel has given us two additional time slots for the Outdoor Magazine TV show.

The show is also on Tuesday night at 9:30 and Wednesday morning at 10:30. That’s in addition to our regular slots of Thursday evening at 7, Saturday morning at 7:30 and Friday morning at 1AM.

That gives you lots of chances to watch Outdoor Magazine TV. Thanks Sportsman.


Outdoor Magazine radio (1/16-17/10)

This weekend on the Outdoor Magazine radio show we take a look at some great wintertime activities in the north country.

First, Dale Chapman of Chapman’s Sport Center joins me to talk about snowmobiling today. The sport has come a long way since the early, unreliable sleds of the sixties. Dale tells us what to look for in a modern snowmobile.

Then, Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews tells about the latest edition of Michigan’s premiere outdoor publication and runs down the sport shows they’ll be at over the next few weeks.

The second hour kicks off with Pat McKenna of Ameristep. Ameristep is a great company that specializes in hunting accessories…primarily tree stands and ground blinds. Pat talks about new products being unveiled at the Archery Trade Show in Columbus.

Mark Romanack joins me next. Mark is the host of the Fishing 411 television show seen on Sportsman Channel. He’s also the guy behind the Precision Trolling. line of reference books. This week Mark and I talk about ice fishing, and his plans to order a new Starcraft STX 2050 fishing boat.

Our final hour kicks off with another well known Michigan angler….Mark Martin. Mark gained a reputation for catching big walleye while guiding on the Muskegon River. Later he excelled on the professional walleye trail, winning the first PWT championship. Mark has some great advice on ice fishing for walleye.

The show wraps up as I talk about my plans to attend the big archery trade show in Columbus. That’s the venue for the announcement of new archery products for the upcoming season.

Another busy show. I hope you enjoy it.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio Weekend of (1/9/10)

Another busy show this weekend on Outdoor Magazine radio.

First, I talk about finishing out the Michigan bow season by taking a nice doe with my crossbow. You can read that entire story here.

Then, RJ Meyer of the Trophy Room Taxidermy Studio joins me to talk about preserving your hunting and fishing trophies. This is the best time of year to catch a double digit walleye and RJ has some tips on what to do with that big fish on the ice to get the best mount.

We wrap up the hour with Tom Campbell of the Woods-n-Waternews. Tom is the editor of that magazine, commonly known as Michigan’s premier outdoor publication.

Tim Roller of Ultimate Outfitters Guide Service and the Wild Addiction TV show joins me next. It was Tim’s client Tom Healy that caught a world record brown trout on Michigan’s Manistee river late last summer. You can read the account of that here. Tim brings me up to speed on the process of catching, and certifying a world record fish, and how it’s changed his guide service. We also discuss his TV show seen nationally on Sportsman Channel.

The hour wraps up with Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 Television and Precision Angling. Mark talks about the Ultimate Fishing Show this weekend in Novi at the Rock Financial Showplace.

The third hour kicks off with another popular guest….Tom Lounsbury. Tom is an expert hunter and outdoorsman from Michigan’s thumb. He has some great advice on wintertime rabbit and coyote hunting.

We wrap up this week with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has a tasty perch recipe for us.

Another busy show….I hope you enjoy it.


WSGW Tower Maintenance

More tower maintenance Sunday morning on Newsradio 790 WSGW in Saginaw. Area listeners can still hear the Outdoor Magazine show on their sister station, 100.5 FM. The show airs there every Saturday morning from 9 to noon.

It’s a bow…not a gun

I’m not one of those guys who’s always been “anti crossbow”, but I’ve never been a big fan of them either….at least not until now.

When the Michigan Natural Resources Commission opened the door for more hunters to use crossbows, I was in favor of that move. I figured anything that could encourage folks to spend more time hunting, would be a good thing.

At the time I didn’t plan on hunting with one. In fact, I was concentrating on the other end of the archery spectrum…a recurve. I spent twelve straight days in the spring chasing gobblers with a Predator recurve bow.

Recurve Turkey

I hunted hard and missed several birds before finally taking a nice tom on the final day of my season. If I was hunting with a shotgun, or even a compound bow, I probably could have ended my season a lot sooner, but I wanted the challenge offered by traditional tackle.

I still had my recurve in hand when I headed to Ontario in August after black bear. There, I passed up a very big boar, in part because of the limitations of my weapon. You can read more about that hunt here.

The beginning of the Michigan bow season found me with the recurve still in hand, but the right deer wouldn’t give me the right shot. After a few weeks, I put down the Predator and picked up a Darton Pro 2500 compound.

I hunted with that bow in Michigan, Ohio and Kansas. I passed up a few nice animals, but never did shoot a buck.

These examples should help point out the fact I’m not looking for the easy way out when it comes to bowhunting. In fact, I really enjoy the challenge archery offers.

It’s because of that love for bowhunting that late in the season I picked up a Darton Lightning crossbow. As a bowhunter and outdoor journalist, I need to be knowledgeable about today’s crossbows and what it’s like to hunt with one.

First, I had to sight the bow in. Since I’d never used a crossbow before, I called in Ted Harpham of Darton. Ted is an expert crossbow shooter and he had my Lightning dialed in with just a few shots.

Then it was my turn to shoot the Lightning. My first impression was that the bow was heavy, bulky and awkward. I’ve since become more comfortable handling the weapon, but it was a definite change from the recurve and compound I was used to.

Ted showed me how to use the monopod to brace against my body. That technique allowed me to hold the bow steady, and my first shot at thirty yards was right on the mark. Next, we moved back to forty yards and I made another nice shot.

Later, I spent a couple hours shooting the bow on my own, and I got a better feel for what it’s capable of. I was able to shoot well at seventy yards before dropping my rangefinder and breaking it, but at that point I knew I was ready to go hunting.

I should point out, even though the Lightning is capable of longer shots, I wanted to limit myself to forty yards or less for now. That’s about my effective range on a compound too.

My first hunt was interesting. Everything about the experience seemed foreign to me. The process of cocking the crossbow, learning the best way to carry it and how to position myself and the bow in a blind were all a learning process.

Once I got settled in though I was glad to have the crossbow in front of me. It was very cold that night and I had on lots of heavy clothes. It would have been pretty tough to draw a compound with those extra layers. Plus, my cold muscles were glad they didn’t have to do much work in those conditions too. It was also nice to know that any deer inside forty yards to give me a shot would more than likely be going down.

I didn’t get a shot though. I saw lots of deer, but none within range. It was the same story on the next few nights. That’s when I started thinking that hunting with a crossbow is a lot like any other bow. You are still limited by range, and the number of shots you can quickly get off.

Eventually I moved to a treestand on the south side of the property. From there I had a great view of the terrain….a woodlot to the east of me, and an orchard at my back. Before long deer started heading out to feed on the apples. I let several fawns and small does pass by me, and eventually settled the crosshair of the four power scope just behind the shoulder of a very big doe.

I pulled the trigger and dropped the animal in her tracks. The Carbon Express F-15 expandable broadhead was very impressive. In fact, the exit hole is so big I can’t even post a picture of it here.

Beautiful, late season Michigan doe

I got down, walked over to the doe and realized I was smiling. Not because I had killed a beautiful animal, but because I had to work for the reward of the hunt. Harvesting that animal with a crossbow was a challenge, just like using any other archery gear.

I don’t expect to put away my Pro 2500 compound, but I will certainly be looking for more opportunities to hunt with the Lightning crossbow again. In fact, I think the spring turkey season would be a good chance to do that.

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