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Outdoor Mag Radio (Weekend of 5/22)

People often ask me how I can talk about the outdoors for three hours each weekend. The truth is, it’s easy. There’s always lots going on in the world of hunting and fishing…and this weekend’s Outdoor Magazine radio show examines several aspects of that lifestyle.

First, Terry Webber of Michigan Stinger lures joins me to talk about his company and products. Stinger is a leader in trolling spoons and Terry explains why spoons are some of the most versatile lures for salmon, trout and walleye.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews joins me. Tom tells me what to expect in the June edition of the magazine.

We kick off the second hour with audio from an interview I did with the legendary Fred Bear back in 1985. You can see the video of that interview this week on the Outdoor Magazine TV show.

Next, Doug Reeves joins me to talk about bear, elk and whitetail fawns. Doug is the Assistant Chief of the Wildlife Division in the Michigan DNR.

We wrap up the hour with Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Tony brings me up to speed on some key issues coming out of Lansing, including a plan to increase the cormorants killed to protect Michigan’s fish population. Tony also talks about his plans to catch thirty species of fish in thirty hours to bring attention to the asian carp threat.

Walleye expert Lance Valentine is my guest in the third hour. Lance is a fishing guide and the man behind Walleye 101. Walleye 101 is a series of programs designed to teach anglers how to catch more fish. Lance is also known as an electronics expert, so I made sure to ask him about getting the most out of a sonar unit and gps system.

The program wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave and I shoot the breeze about a number of topics, including Dave’s efforts to control cormorants on his pond (with the appropriate permit of course).

Another busy show this week. I hope you enjoy it.

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This Week on Outdoor Magazine TV….

It’s a very special bowhunting show this week on Outdoor Magazine Television.

First, I pick up a Darton Lightning Crossbow and head to the field for the early Michigan turkey season. This is my first time hunting with that high tech piece of archery gear.

Then, we switch gears and go back to the roots of modern day archery, and an interview I did with the legendary Fred Bear back in 1985.

In that conversation Fred talks about his experiences bowhunting across the world, the beginning of Bear archery and the comparison of gun hunting vs. bowhunting.

You won’t want to miss this edition of Outdoor Magazine television. You can see the program on broadcast stations across Michigan and nationally on Sportsman Channel.

Air times on Sportsman are Sunday 9PM, Thursday 7PM, Saturday 7:30AM, Wednesday 8:30AM and Friday morning at 1AM.

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This Weekend’s Radio Show (5/15)

Lots of great outdoor news and information this week on the Outdoor Magazine radio show.

First, we get a fishing report from Michigan’s thumb provided by Bryon McLain of Archers and Anglers. The water off the thumb can provide some great fishing, but it’s often overlooked. Bryon tells us where to go for salmon, trout and walleye this weekend.

Then, Chris George of the Ieuter Insurance Group joins me to talk about boat and RV insurance. He says it’s important to coverage for liability as well as the contents.

The second hour kicks off with old friend Tom Lounsbury. Tom is a veteran outdoor writing and recent radio host. It’s always a pleasure to check in with Tom and see what he’s up to. By the way, Lounsbury promises to have his new website up and running soon.

Tony Hansen from the Michigan United Conservation Clubs helps wrap the hour up. This time Tony tells me about an interesting project to bring attention to the asian carp threat by catching thirty species of Michigan fish in thirty hours.

The final hour brings in another favorite guest…Richard P. Smith.. Richard talks about his close interaction with an injured whitetail doe over the winter months and also Michigan’s biggest whitetail buck.

Chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps up the program with another tasty turkey recipe.

Another busy show. I hope you enjoy it.

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Wanna go Walleye Fishing?

Here’s your chance to fish a fun walleye tournament for Saginaw Bay walleye….

BCYC Sunday Walleye Tournament
Weigh-in at BCYC

On select Sunday afternoons from late May thru June, there will be a friendly walleye tournament out of the mouth of the Saginaw River in Bay City. The purpose of the contest is to create a competitive environment amongst local fishermen that enjoy fishing the Saginaw Bay and its tributaries. If there is enough support, the Bay City Yacht Club (BCYC) will be open for a light menu and drinks during the weigh in time – TBD.

Starting at the mouth of the Saginaw River – just east of the channel of the island-at 4:00 PM, no sooner! Please stop by the BCYC by 3:45 to pre-register, if not already completed. Boats out fishing prior to that time on contest day, will have to return to the starting point and have wells/cooler examined by another boater. Let’s keep this friendly and avoid these types of hassles. All boats will have to be in by 8:00 PM sharp- to the starting point -or weights will be cut in half. Weigh-in will commence immediately at the BCYC, just NORTH of the Patterson Road DNR launch.

1. Entry Fee Each week is $40 per boat.
2. Payout is 80% of nightly entry fees, 15% kept for highest running total over all nights the tournament is ran paid on last night of tournament. Largest fish and heaviest basket(#1 basket) of 5, will each get 35%, 2nd basket will get 20%, and 3rd basket will get 10% of nightly payout. No payout will be larger than $300. If slated to be higher, then payout will start at $300 and go down, adding more places to pay.
3. A Team can win both the #1 basket and big fish.
4. The number of boats participating may be limited by tournament directors.
5. Maximum of 6 lines/rods per boat. No limit to the number of occupants (min 2).
6. Each boat will weigh up to 5 fish for nightly basket total.
7. There will be a big fish prize each night; the big fish cannot be entered in the basket catch. You figure out how you are going to weigh and sort 6 fish and in what combination.
8. There will be a running total for each week for up to 6 fish and this running total contest will be paid on the final night – June 27.
9. Participants are expected to follow the highest standards of courtesy, safety, angling etiquette, and a strict adherence to game and fish laws. All Michigan Fishing regulations apply.
10. Teams must be declared at the first event fished by a boat – This is to identify running totals. At least one member of the original team must be present to add to the running totals of the original team.
11. BCYC and Tournament Directors assume no liability with tournament program or activities.
12. If high winds/waves are present, tournament may be conducted in the Saginaw River or cancelled. We will use weather data from 1&2 and experience to make the call. Safety is our top concern.
13. Only BCYC members are allowed to utilize BCYC boat launch, no exceptions. BCYC has memberships and docks available to those interested. We will be guests of the BCYC, please respect the premises. The gate will be open for weigh-in.
14. Upon registration, each boat will be given a laminated sheet with a number on it to identify the boat or team. Please have this readily available when leaving or returning at the mouth.
15. Prior to any team fishing their first night, all teams must pre-register by completing the registration and sign this acknowledgement of rules and release of liability.
16. If needed – to limit the number of boats, teams fishing previous weeks will have the priority.
17. Rules of the program are subject to change, to enhance the program.
18. Tournament directors have the right to terminate any team for any reason in the competition.
19. Radio communication is allowed, channel 69 will be standard tournament channel.
20. Email- , cell phones of director 989-245-9945 – leave message if not answered

Liability Release- In signing this agreement, I hereby release the Walleye Mavericks, BCYC, its associates, its employees, its sponsors and their agents from any and all damages, claims, demands, costs or expenses relating to injuries, death, theft, fire, or any loss of any persons or property which I may sustain and/or which I may cause by reason of participating in or in the connection with this tournament. I further release the Walleye Mavericks group, for all damages relating to the adverse weather conditions while participating in this tournament. It is my responsibility to seek safety should adverse and/or unforeseen weather conditions occur (prior to, during, or after the tournament). I signify by my signature that I have read, understand, and agree to the above.

Signature______________________________ Date_________________

Printed Name___________________________


City, State, Zip__________________________

Email _________________________________

Cell Phone_____________________________

Notes on Tournament

• Meet at Buoys 23/24 at 4 pm and 8 pm to check in and out with Team Number
• Channel 69 on radio will be monitored
• If you have motor/boat problems please announce on the radio immediately. Or call Scott at 989-245-9945.
• You must be at the river by 8:00 pm, IF you are more than 5 minutes late you will lose 10% of all weights, if you are more than 10 minutes you lose 50% of weights, and if more than 15 minutes late you will lose 100% of weights.
• Once you check in at the mouth, feel free to trailer your boat and come to BCYC to weigh in or stop in at BCYC to do a dock drop for a quick weigh in.
• Weekly results will be posted at
• Tournament officials shall have sole absolute final decision to resolve any and all disputes, arguments, or concerns that may arise.
• Cancellation due to weather will be made at 3 p.m. on Sunday. Weather data from noaa bouy 1 will be used for Northern winds, small craft advisory is automatic cancellation.
• Good Luck Fishing


Radio This Weekend (5/8-9)

Another busy Outdoor Magazine radio show on this Mother’s Day weekend….

First, I break the news that Jay’s Sporting Goods will now carry the hot new Darton Serpent Crossbow. The Serpent is one of the hottest new crossbows on the market and now you can find it in both the Clare and Gaylord locations.

Next, I talk with Keith Hein about the Demmer Shooting Center on the campus of MSU. Demmer is a world class shooting facility geared toward archery and small caliber firearms.

Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews joins me next to talk about a big double bearded tom he took during the early season. Randy also gives a preview of what to expect in the June issue of WNW.

The second hour of this weekend’s show kicks off with Dave Rose. Dave is an outdoor writer and fishing guide who specializes in the waters around his home near Traverse City. This time Dave has some great advice on fishing for panfish.

The hour wraps up with Tony Hansen of MUCC. Tony has a great story about videotaping another smoke colored gobbler in southern Michigan and he brings us up to speed on the latest outdoor news and information out of Lansing.

One of the Great Lakes most respected charter captains is my guest in the final hour of the show. Dave Engel of Best Chance Too Charters out of Saugatuck talks about the changing Great Lakes fishery, and how that might be affected by the asian carp invasion. He also has advice on how to find salmon and trout, even when other anglers are struggling.

Wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps up the final hour. This time Dave has a very tasty turkey recipe.

Another busy and informational program. I hope you enjoy it.

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This Week’s TV Show (May 3rd)

We kick off the month of May on Outdoor Magazine television with a fishing theme.

First a crew from Jay’s Sporting Goods heads to northern Lake Michigan in search of big king salmon and lake trout. They head out of the port of Frankfort with Fish Hunter Charter well before dawn and the action starts right away.

Later in the morning the salmon fishing slows and the guys turn their attention to lake trout.

Also on this weeks show, we head south to Lake Erie after mid summer walleye near the Cedar Point amusement park.

You can see Outdoor Magazine TV on broadcast stations across Michigan, and nationally on Sportsman Channel. Air times on Sportsman include Sunday at 9PM, Thursday evening at 7 and Saturday morning at 7:30.

I hope you enjoy the show….