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This week on Outdoor Magazine Radio (6/26)

Lots of great outdoor news and information coming up this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio. In fact, I enjoyed my guests so much, I offered them all the “coveted third segment”. Usually I keep my interviews to just two segments, but if the conversation is strong enough, I’ll extend it to three. This weekend all the guests easily carry the extra time.

First, old friend Dan Donarski joins me. Dan is an expert hunter and angler from Michigan’s UP, who has branched out into pursuing his outdoor passions around the world. Dan’s African booking company, Hunter’s Horn Adventures, is a first class operation that promises to deliver the hunting experience of a lifetime. Dan and I discuss hunting in Africa, but we also talk about what’s happening on the hunting and fishing front right here in Michigan.

In the second hour Dave Rose joins me to talk about fishing. Dave is an outdoor writer and fishing guide from the Traverse City area. Dave and I talk about the fishing so far this summer, and what anglers can expect for the rest of the season. You can book a trip with Dave, and learn more about his operation on his website.

Next, Tony Hansen of MUCC joins me. Tony is very good at keeping us up to date on the latest outdoor news coming out of Lansing. This time he talks about a video forum featuring all the candidates for the Michigan Governor’s job and how they responded to several key outdoor related issues.

The third hour kicks off with Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters in Ontario Canada. Pete talks about the bear population in his part of Canada and the best techniques for hunting them. Pete runs a first class guide service and I highly recommend him.

As always we wrap up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has another tasty recipe.

A solid show this week with solid people. I hope you enjoy it.

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This Week on Outdoor Magazine Radio (6/19)

We kick off the show talking about crossbows with Laura Scharich of the Michigan Crossbow Federation. Laura tells us about three proposals being discussed by the Michigan NRC to make crossbows for accessible to all Michigan hunters.

Next, thirteen year old Alicia Oneill joins me to talk about a fundraiser she’s involved in for the Catch a Dream Foundation. Alicia will be hosting an event at the Flint Bowman’s club grounds in July.

Then, Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews wraps up the hour. Randy is one of the founding members of that publication often knows as “Michigan’s Premiere Outdoor Magazine”.

In the second hour charter captain Dave James of Fish Hunter Charters joins me to talk about salmon and trout fishing out of Frankfort. Dave talks about techniques for catching light shy king salmon in clear water and also gives us some advice on fishing for big lake trout.

The hour wraps up with our weekly visit from Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Tony also tells me about a new venture he’s involved in called Midwest Whitetail Pursuits.

In our third hour long time friend Mark Martin joins me to talk about fishing. Mark is generally referred to as Michigan’s most famous walleye fisherman….and for good reason. He won the first PWT national championship back in 1992, and he’s been a leader in competitive walleye fishing ever since.

Chef Dixie Dave Minar helps close out the show with another tasty recipe. I hope you can join us.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio (June 12/13)

Another busy show this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, we check in with Michigan DNR wildlife biologist Brent Rudolph. Brent is one of the main guys behind Michigan’s new deer management plan. He tells me about that plan as well as the status TB in the state’s deer herd.

In our second hour we meet a new partner of Outdoor Magazine TV and radio…Jim Lombardi of Buck Fever Synthetic Scents. Buck Fever scents are not urine based and they don’t break down like traditional lures. You’ll be hearing lots more about Buck Fever on Outdoor Magazine over the next few months.

The hour wraps up with Tony Hansen of Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Tony recently completed the 30/30 project where he caught thirty species of fish in thirty hours to promote the history and tradition of fishing in Michigan, and how it’s threatened by the invasion of Asian carp.

The final hour kicks off with Doug Deming of the Fish Point Lodge. Doug is an expert waterfowl guide and walleye charter captain. This time, we talk about fishing for early season Saginaw Bay walleye.

An informative and entertaining show this week, I hope you enjoy it.

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This Week’s Radio Show (6/5)

Another busy show this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, I tell the story of my recent walleye fishing adventure on Saginaw Bay. I got into lots of fish and had some great action. You can read the details of that trip here.

Then, Lake St. Clair musky guide Don Miller joins me to talk about his quest to catch trophy fish. Don is one of the lake’s most respected professional musky anglers and he has some great advice on catching the fresh water giant. Click here to see Don’s website.

The hour wraps up with Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews. Tom and I discuss great summertime fishing opportunities in Michigan.

We kick off another hour with my good friend Bill Pyles of Ohio Bowhunting Outfitters. Bill offers bowhunts for giant whitetails in Central Ohio, in fact Knox and Licking Counties…two of the best counties in the country for big bucks.

Bill and I discuss his operation, and he announces a special promotional price for listeners of the Outdoor Magazine radio show.

Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs is next with details on their 30/30 campaign. That’s a quest to catch thirty species of fish in thirty hours to bring attention the the asian carp invasion. Tony also talks about how the fight against that invasion seems to have stalled, and how the 30/30 project might be able to get it rolling again.

Our final hour kicks off with Derrick Poet of Jay’s Sporting Goods. Derrick talks about some of the new products coming out for the 2010 archery season.

We continue the archery theme as Ted Harpham of Darton Archery joins me next. Ted and I talk about their new AquaForce bowfishing bow. We also discuss the success of the new Pro 3800 high performance compound and the hot selling Serpent Crossbow.

The show wraps up with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has a very nice perch recipe.

Another busy and informative program. I hope you enjoy it….

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A great hunt…at a great price

I got a surprise this week while talking with Bill Pyles of Ohio Bowhunting Outfitters on my syndicated Outdoor Magazine Radio Show.

Bill and I were talking about his operation in central Ohio and why Knox and Licking Counties are such a hotspot for big bucks. For proof of that check out the success pictures from last year’s hunters.

We also discussed how Bill’s hunts are structured, and how much they cost. Pyles usually charges $1,950 for a fully guided hunt. That’s a pretty competitive rate, but when you consider it includes meals and lodging, it becomes a very good deal.

Now here’s the surprise. Bill told me on air he’ll drop the price to just $1,650 for folks who mention Mike Avery or the Outdoor Magazine radio show. I didn’t know he was going to do that, but I sure appreciate it.

Bill knows these are tough times for many families and he doesn’t want the price tag to keep an avid hunter out of the woods, and possibly from shooting the buck of a lifetime.

I know $1650 is a significant expense for many of us, but I’m confident you won’t find a better hunt for the money. To make it even easier, Bill is willing to take that amount in payments…as long as you’re paid up when you arrive in camp.

I’ve hunted with lots of outfitters over the years and developed a respect and friendship with many of them, including Bill Pyles. Bill works hard for his hunters and does everything possible to ensure a good hunt.

I appreciate the discounted rate for my listeners and encourage you to take a serious look at this offer if you’re at all interested in hunting Ohio’s big bucks.

Thanks again Bill.


The Islander Hits the Water…finally.

Usually by this time of year, I have several Saginaw Bay walleye trips under my belt. This year, because of a busier than usual work schedule, my Starcraft Islander didn’t hit the water until today.

It was a trip that was definitely overdue…but the wait was worth it.

A surprisingly strong northeast wind greeted me as I cleared the mouth of the Saginaw River. With that in mind, I decided to head out deep rather than fish my beloved shallow water. I figured the run to the “Spark Plug” would get nothing but worse if the wind picked up later, and I could always head back to shore with the waves following me if conditions got too bad.

Turned out, the wind later died and the waves turned flat. I’ll take those conditions over the famous “walleye chop” anytime.

I started out east of the Plug in about twenty feet of water trolling spinners (nightcrawler harnesses) and bottom bouncers on Offshore in-line planer boards. After some experimentation, I discovered the best presentation to be ounce and a half bouncers 32 feet behind the boards. I also ran ounce and three eighths bouncers at 27 feet.

Copper blades were the best, especially the proven “Confusion” color. I don’t think you can go wrong fishing for walleye with Confusion.

I’m not a big crawler fan, but I have to admit they can be very productive, and it didn’t take long to catch a dozen or so nice walleye.

The day was still young so I decided to try another technique…this time, one of my favorites.

I tied on some Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoons about six feet behind Walker Deeper Diver diving planers, again behind Offshore boards.

I tried a variety of lengths from 20 to sixty feet back, but found the most productive sets to be 50, 55 and 60 feet. Again, copper….and especially Confusion were best.

In all, I caught probably 25 to thirty fish from fourteen to 23 inches. Not bad for my first time trolling this year.

Fish on!