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Outdoor Magazine Radio (7/31)

We kick off the month of August with another fast moving and informative show.

First, I talk about raising the front end of my new Dodge Ram with a three inch leveling kit from Suspension Maxx in Bay City…very quick process with great results.

Then, a topic that’s getting lots of discussion this summer….the poor walleye fishing on Saginaw Bay. DNR fisheries biologist Jim Baker joins me to talk about the factors involved and what the future of the fishery looks like.

The hour wraps up with Tom Campbell of Woods-n-waternews.

Bruce Deshano of Offshore Tackle joins me next to talk about his company and the products they offer salmon and walleye anglers. Offshore has been a leader in trolling gear and techniques for more than twenty years and Bruce has some interesting insight into the state of both fisheries.

The third hour of this week’s show kicks off with RJ Meyer of the Trophy Room Taxidermy Studio. RJ has some good advice for anglers who catch a trophy fish and want to put it on the wall. He also talks about taxidermy in general and what hunters and anglers should look for when choosing a wildlife artist.

Dixie Dave Minar helps us wrap up the show once again. This time he has a tasty walleye and banana recipe.

Another good show. I hope you enjoy it.

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Radio…weekend of 7/24

This weekend on the Outdoor Magazine radio show….

I start out the show by raising my blood pressure and ranting about self righteous “so called” hunters who criticize other hunters about the way they pursue the sport. I believe that’s not productive and it gives the anti hunting crowd ammunition against us.

Then, Eric Sherwood of Whitetail Select joins me to talk about fall food plots. Eric says we’re about two weeks away from the ideal time to put those plots in and he gives us some tips on doing it right.

The opening hour wraps us with Larry Verbowski of Suspension Maxx. Suspension Maxx is a Michigan company that specializes in leveling the ride of today’s new breed of pickups. I chose Suspension Maxx for my new Dodge and I’m very happy with the results.

The second hour features another Michigan company….Buck Fever Synthetics deer scent. Jim describes how to set a “deer trap” using his products and talks about some new scents they’re bringing to the market.

The hour wraps up with Tony Hansen of Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Tony and I talk about the new NRC commissioner and speculate what the commission might do at their August meeting.

In our third hour I talk with one of my favorite guests, Tom Lounsbury. Tom is an expert hunter and angler….and veteran outdoor writer. Tom and I talk about flyfishing for smallmouth bass, hunting in Ontario, wolves….and lots more.

The show wraps up as always with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave and I start shooting the breeze and run out of time before he can share a recipe with us.

An entertaining and informative show this week. I hope you enjoy it.

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Radio for weekend of 7/17

Coming up this weekend on Outdoor Magazine radio….

First, Ted Harpham of Darton Archery joins me. Ted and I discuss the new line of Dartons, including the Pro 3800 and Serpent crossbow. We also talk about the upcoming “Darton Days” at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare, Michigan. Darton will have their shooting trailer at Jay’s Friday evening August 20th and all day Saturday the 21st. This will be a great opportunity to shoot one of the hot new Darton bows I’ve talked so much about.

Then, Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews joins me via cell phone from Las Vegas. Randy is on the floor of the big Icast show where he’s checking out the new tackle and fishing gear for 2011.

Hour number two is a real treat for me this week because I get a chance to talk with a man I have a lot of respect for…Bob Ransom of the Ameristep Company. Bob started that company with just two screw in tree steps and today it’s one of the dominant forces in the ground blind and treestand business. Bob talks to me about the challenges of improving on product designs each year and he also tells me about some of Ameristep’s new products.

The hour wraps up with Tony Hansen of Michigan United Conservation Clubs. As always, Tony has insightful and interesting comments and observations about Michigan’s natural resources and their management.

One of my favorite guests joins me in the final hour of this week’s show. Dave Rose of Wild Fishing Guide Service is always a wealth of information, and this week is no exception. Dave describes how to be most productive in catching fish during these “dog days” of summer.

The show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave makes the long awaited announcement that production of his wild game soups is set to begin in September.

Another busy and informative show….I hope you enjoy it.

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Radio This Week (7/10)

A busy show this weekend on Outdoor Magazine Radio….

First, charter captain Paul Schafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee joins me via cell phone from the waters of Lake Michigan. Paul tells me about the fishing so far this summer and while we’re talking, they hook a big king salmon. It’s an interesting conversation as Paul talks us through the fight, and landing of that salmon.

In the second hour Tim Roller of Ultimate Outfitters and Wild Addiction TV joins me to talk about summertime trout fishing. Tim is a veteran river guide with lots of experience on Michigan’s top trout streams. Whenever Tim and I talk the topic of deer hunting always comes up as well.

Next, Tony Hansen of Michigan United Conservation Clubs joins me. Tony is the assistant director of that group and he has some interesting perspectives on outdoor recreational issues in Michigan. This week, we talk about goals of MUCC as agreed on at their recent convention.

The final hour of the show starts off with veteran outdoor writer and wildlife expert Richard P. Smith. Richard has some thoughts on the proposed antler restrictions for Michigan’s TB zone, and also anticipated changes in the state’s crossbow laws. We also talk about Richard’s hunting adventures in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave doesn’t have a recipe. Instead, we talk about putting in food plots.

A busy, and informative show this week. I hope you enjoy it.

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Radio for 4th of July Weekend

We celebrate Independence Day weekend with an Outdoor Magazine radio show full of outdoor news and information.

I kick off the program talking about my recent tour of Michigan. It’s good to hit the road sometimes and be reminded what a beautiful state we have. My recent walleye fishing adventures on Saginaw Bay are also a topic of discussion.

Then, Tom Galley of the Firefly Company joins me to talk about an interesting new product he’s come up with. It’s an electronic wind detector that can detect even the smallest breeze and wind thermal.

We wrap up the hour with Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews. Randy talks about his recent trip fishing for bass in a kayak as well as the latest edition of his magazine.

In the second hour I have a very interesting conversation with a very interesting guy…..Chris Brackett. Chris is most recently known for hosting the cutting edge archery television show called Arrow Affliction, but he first hit the national scene with Extreme Aerial Bowfishing, that company specializes in bowfishing for silver carp on the Illinois River. Since Chris has lots of experience with those big Asian Carp, I wanted to get his thoughts on what role they might play once they get into the Great Lakes. Surprisingly, Chris says not everything about those fish is bad.

Next, Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs joins me. Tony talks about the interviews on his website with all Michigan’s gubernatorial candidates and what they have to say on hunting and fishing issues.

In the final hour we head north to the Upper Peninsula and Tom Gudwer of Fishing Fever Charters. Tom tells me about the adventure of fishing for big lake trout on Lake Superior’s Stannard Rock. We also discuss trolling for king salmon out of Manistique and some great fall walleye action near Escanaba.

As always, the show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time the chef has a nice stuffed walleye recipe.

A busy and informative show this week. I hope you enjoy it.

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