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Radio this weekend 2/19-20

This show kicks off with the story of my wolf hunt in northern Ontario with Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters. Weather conditions were brutal and I wasn’t able to get an animal, but I’m heading back up in a couple of weeks to get the job done.

Next, Tom Schneider of Heater Body Suits joins me to talk about his product and how it works. It would have been impossible to hunt those extreme temperatures in Ontario without a Heater Body Suit.

Then, Tim Hart of Q-1 Buckpole talks about their big year end party at the soaring eagle casino this weekend in Mount Pleasant. That event is open to the public by the way.

The second hour features Tim Roller of Ultimate Outfitters. Tim is an expert steelhead angler and has some great advice on using water temperature as a gauge for springtime fishing.

Henri Boucher of Showpan is up next. Henry has a preview of the big Outdoorama show scheduled for next weekend.

The hour wraps up with Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Tony tells me of movement in Lansing to bring back baiting for lower peninsula deer hunters.

The discussion turns to shedding in our third hour. Dan Hess of the North American Shed Hunters says this is a great time to start looking for dropped headgear and he has some tips on where to look.

The show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar and a preview of some of the events he has coming up in the next few weeks.

Another busy show, I hope you enjoy it.

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Radio this Weekend (2/5-6)

A wide range of topics this weekend on the Outdoor Magazine radio show. First I talk about getting ready for my wolf hunt in Northern Ontario with Pete Jones of Superior Bear Outfitters. I’ll have details on how that hunt went next week.

Then, “Sturgeon General” Brenda Archambo of Sturgeon for Tomorrow joins me to talk about that prehistoric fish in Michigan today. She tells me about efforts to increase sturgeon numbers and also the limited sturgeon spearing season scheduled for this weekend.

Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews is up next. Tom talks about the next edition of that respected outdoor magazine.

In the second hour veteran outdoor writer and expert hunter Tom Lounsbury joins me to talk about rabbit hunting with dogs.

Then, Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs joins me to talk about the latest hunting and natural resource related topics in Lansing.

Glenn Duncan of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop in Bay City helps kick off the final hour. Glenn talks about the hot new guns unveiled at the recent gun shows. He spends much of the conversation on handguns….especially handguns for hunting.

As always, Dixie Dave Minar wraps it up with another great wild game recipe.

Another busy show. I hope you enjoy it.

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