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Unrealistic Expectations

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

For twenty five years I’ve made my living by producing an outdoor television show. The Outdoor Magazine show is seen on local broadcast stations and nationally on Sportsman Channel.

The Outdoor Magazine show is coming to the end of it’s run though. With the start of the new year I’m pulling the plug on TV to concentrate on my syndicated radio show. As part of this transition I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about how outdoor television has changed over the years.

Today’s shows are better than ever, and the folks who host and produce those programs are blessed with a level of skill far beyond the average viewer. However, I think that expertise (especially when it comes to deer hunting) is the source of some frustration in the hunting community.

On this week’s Outdoor Magazine radio show I talked about my concerns. Click the link below to hear an excerpt of that monologue.

TV Hunting Shows

While I suspect most viewers don’t want to watch a show where year and a half old bucks are harvested, that would be a more realistic portrayal of deer hunting (especially in places like my home state of Michigan).

It just seems to me there’s a happy medium where quality bucks can be taken on camera, while also promoting the sport in a way the average deer hunter can relate to the show…and to deer hunting in the real world.

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Outdoor Mag Radio (11/26)

We kick off this post Thanksgiving show by checking in with outdoor writer and fishing guide Dave Rose of Wild Fishing. Dave has some advice on late season angling in Michigan and looks forward to first ice action.

The second hour features another outdoor writer, but this one an expert hunter. Tom Lounsbury joins me with his thoughts on muzzleloading for deer. Tom has some great advice based on four decades chasing whitetails in Michigan’s Thumb/

Joe Marion is the featured guest in this third hour of this week’s show. Joe is a retired Coast Guardsman and avid angler. He has some very strong thoughts on how to stay safe on the ice, and around near freezing water. One of Joe’s specialties in the service was cold water rescue so he has lots of experience in that area.

We wrap up as always with wild Game Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time he as a very nice venison recipe.

A little slower paced show this week so we have plenty of time to spend with our guests and explore the outdoors during this late fall season.

I hope you can join me.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio (11/19/11)

Another fast paced show this week on Outdoor Magazine.

First, Lance Valentine of Walleye 101 joins me with an update on the Lake Erie walleye fishery this fall. For folks not interested in hunting, fall walleye fishing can be a very productive way to spend a few days.

Then Tim Hart of Q1 Buckpole has an update on some of the biggest bucks taken so far in Michigan.

The hour wraps up with Tom Campbell of Woods n Waternews. Tom recounts how his season is going so far and previews the December edition of their magazine.

Glenn Duncan of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop is featured in the next hour. Glenn has some great advice on choosing the right muzzleloader and gear for Michigan’s black powder season.

In the final hour, a very interesting conversation with walleye pro Mark Martin. Mark’s not talking about fishing this time though, he shares advice on hunting sand dunes for trophy deer. Mark says there are some nice animals to be taken in the remote west Michigan dunes, if hunters are willing to work for them.

The show wraps up with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. Once again Dave has a very nice wild game recipe.

A fast paced and educational show. I hope you can join me.

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Radio Rundown (11/12)

We get ready for Michigan’s firearm deer season this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, I have some thoughts on the history and tradition of deer hunting in the Great Lakes State.

Then, audiologist Dr. Mike Stewart joins me to talk about the danger of shooting and hearing loss. Mike says it’s a real problem for shooters and hunters, but one that can be prevented.

Tim Hart of Q1 Buckpole wraps up the hour with a look at some of the biggest bucks taken in the state so far.

Dan Donarksi is the featured guest in my second hour. Dan is a veteran outdoor writer from the Eastern Upper Peninsula. He always has some great insight and thought provoking comments, as well as great information about hunting and fishing in the U.P. Donarski is also a booking agent for top quality African hunts. The website for that side of his business is Hunters Horn Adventures.

Tony Hansen of MUCC is up next. This week Tony talks about the live streaming news conference he hosted featuring top officials from MUCC and the Michigan DNR. He also has updated information on the potential loss of funds that could result from opening up the Pigeon River State forest to horseback riders.

Even though gun season is coming up, Michigan hunters can also use a bow during that two week period, and that’s the subject of the final hour of this week’s show. Ted Harpham of Darton Archery joins me to talk about their latest compounds and crossbows. He also has some hints on new products scheduled to be unveiled early next year.

We wrap up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has some great advice on field care to get the best venison for the table.

Another busy show. I hope you can join me.

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Radio Rundown for November 5/6

Another fast paced show this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First I have an update on the anti hunter who threatened me because I shot a bear in Quebec. You can read the details here.

Next, RJ Meyer of the Trophy Room Taxidermy Studio has some good advice for hunters heading into the north woods during the firearm season. RJ also reminds us that an animal doesn’t have to make the record book to be a trophy worthy of mounting.

I wrap up the hour with the story of my ten year old grandson Trent and his first buck. Trent shot a Michigan spike with his Darton Serpent Crossbow the first time he went hunting. I think that’s a very big accomplishment and I’m very proud of Trent and his dad James. You can see the pictures of Trent’s buck here.

The second hour features a man that most people either love, or hate…..Ted Nugent. Nugent is an outspoken proponent of hunting and the outdoor lifestyle. He shares some of his thoughts in his characteristically colorful manner.

Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs wraps up the hour with an update on outdoor related issues from Michigan’s legislature and DNR.

An in depth look at optics and how hunters can use them to be more successful is the topic of our final hour as Jon LaCorte of Nikon joins me on the phone line. Jon has some great advice on choosing the right binoculars and rifle scopes.

The show wraps up as always with wild game chef extraordinaire Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has a very nice venison recipe.

Another fast paced and wide ranging show. I hope you can join me.

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Don’t Threaten Our Way of Life

Well I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, and I’m kind of surprised it took this long. For many years now I’ve promoted hunting and the shooting sports on my syndicated Outdoor Magazine Radio and TV shows. I’ve been very outspoken about my support of the outdoor lifestyle and promoting the history and tradition of hunting and the shooting sports

As a result, I’ve developed a large and loyal audience of outdoor enthusiasts. However not everyone appreciates my passion and outspoken style.

Last week my television show featured a bear hunt in northern Quebec. During that hunt I killed a black bear over bait with my crossbow. Within a half hour of the airing of that show on Sportsman Channel I received a disturbing email.

The sender did not give his name, but his email address was on the message. Here’s the content of that email…”Gee Mike, somehow we got a channel on our satalite station that featured you shooting a bear. I was so impressed that I think that I would like to hook up with you and see if your people would capture on film you trying to shoot somthing a little more able to defend its self? I reckon it would be way cool to see you shot in th head with colt 45……what do you think?”You game?

I suspect the writer isn’t serious about the threat, but I’m not ready to completely ignore it either.

After thinking about the best course of action (during that time I ruled out posting his email address online and giving it out during my radio show), I decided to contact the authorities. I did that for a couple of reasons. Number one, I was hoping they could trace the email back to a person and contact him directly….and secondly, I’m fed up with the left wing, anti hunting crowd getting carte blanche in today’s society.

The person I talked with at the Bay City Michigan FBI office said no federal law had been broken so the matter was best handled by the local authorities. He also said since I’m a public figure “unfortunately, it comes with the territory”. He did however, say they could provide help to local law enforcement in tracing that email.

While I realize the FBI has far more important matters to worry about than a crackpot anti hunter threatening an outdoor broadcaster, I can’t help but wonder if I represented a more politically correct group if my complaint would have been taken more seriously.

Anyway, I also called the local Sheriff’s Department detective bureau. Budget cuts have reduced that group to just one investigator and he did get back with me after a couple of days. The detective was very helpful and filed a complaint on my behalf. He also said they’d try to track down the source of the email and let me know if they find anything out.

Since the author of the email said he watched the show on “satalite” (his spelling, not mine) and he used the word “reckon” I suspect he’s probably a southern guy.

Regardless of where he lives I want this idiot, and all the other anti hunting animal rights crazies to know they don’t have the right to impose their beliefs on us. Furthermore, threats against us as individuals, and our way of life, will not be tolerated.

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