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Rundown for New Year’s Weekend

We kick off 2012 with another busy Outdoor Magazine radio show.

First, Chris Keefer of Dropped: Project Alaska joins me to talk about the premiere of that new adventure show on Sportsman Channel. We also discuss how the lifting of Michigan’s deer feeding ban affects the use of their Rack 1 Whitetail System.

Then, Al Herman of Michigan’s Friends of the NRA wraps up the hour with some great information on what that group is all about.

Hour number two features veteran outdoor writer Steve Griffin. Steve is an expert when it comes to early season panfish and he has some interesting tips on how to catch pike on a tip up.

Next, Tony Hansen of MUCC joins me with a look back at the biggest outdoor stories of 2011 and a look forward to next year. Tony includes wolf de-listing and the hunter heritage law as two of the news makers.

Whitetails are the lead off subject in our final hour with Randy VanderVeen of Whitetail Ambush Secrets . Randy has some great, common sense advice for holding trophy bucks on your property….and you don’t need a lot of land to do it.

We wrap up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar, this time Dave has a hearty squirrel recipe.

Another busy show to kick off another busy year of Outdoor Magazine Radio. I hope you can join me.

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Radio Rundown for Christmas Weekend

Another busy show this week on Outdoor Magazine.

First Doug Deming of the Fish Point Lodge on Saginaw Bay joins me to talk about big water early season ice fishing for perch and walleye.

Then Tim Hart of Q1 Buckpole has an update on the big bucks in their contest and details on the prize parties coming up after the new year.

Kris Duerson of the Rapid River Knife Company kicks off the second hour. Kris has talks about the history of this respected Michigan company and has some advice on buying the right knife.

There’s good news for Michigan sportsmen and women in our next segment as DNR Wildlife Chief Russ Mason joins me to talk about the latest wolf news. The Feds have taken wolves off the endangered species list which means states can now take control of their management plan. According to Mason though, that plan does not include a wolf hunt. You can hear that conversation below.

Russ is followed by Tony Hansen of MUCC. Tony says his organization is in favor of a wolf hunt and will work to get them listed as a Michigan game animal. We also talk about a new partnership between MUCC and Outdoor Magazine Radio. I believe that group is back on the right track and I’m encouraging hunters and anglers to join the cause.

In the final hour we talk about a subject getting lots of attention across the Country….crossbows. I’m an avid crossbow hunter and recently wrote a piece on bear hunting for Crossbow Magazine. You can see that article here.

Todd Bromley is the editor of that magazine of and he joins me with some insight on why that weapon has become so popular. He also has great advice on making the transition to a crossbow shooter.

We wrap up as always with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has a hearty rabbit recipe perfect for cold weather.

Another busy show….I hope you like it.

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Bowhunting Ontario Bears

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for the latest edition of Crossbow Magazine.

I think Todd Bromley and the crew at that magazine are the leaders in promotion of crossbows, equipment reviews and articles on crossbow hunting.

Keep an eye out for a new online TV show from them coming up soon.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio (12/17)

Kind of an eclectic show this week as we move toward the end of 2011.

First, Dave Thomas of Bowhunter joins me to talk about today’s archery gear and what what new products we can expect at the upcoming archery trade association (ATA) show in January.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews wraps up the hour with a look at the January edition of their popular Michigan based magazine.

Fishing is the next topic as Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee joins me to kick off hour number two. Paul is a charter caption on Lake Michigan in the summer, but this time of year he guides clients on the Big Manistee River for steelhead. Paul says it’s been a great season so far and he has lots of advice on how to catch cold water steelies.

Tony Hansen of MUCC is my next guest. Tony has details on how Michigan’s mentor hunting license will be implemented next spring.

Late season pheasant hunting is one of the subjects covered by my next guest as veteran outdoor writer Tom Lounsbury kicks off the final hour. Tom says it’s been tough hunting this year but he’s looking forward to rabbit hunting and chasing coyotes as the winter weather sets in.

We wrap up with weekly guest and wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has a very nice venison recipe.

A broad based show with plenty of great outdoor news and information….I hope you can join me.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio QR Codes

I just got a post on the Outdoor Magazine facebook page from Tim Longnecker in Pennsylvania about my radio show. Tim said he found the program using his android phone and I heart radio.

I’ve used that same combination of hardware and software myself in the past to listen to programs and podcasts not otherwise available to me.

There’s a better solution for android users though, the Outdoor Magazine Radio app. The app is a great way to listen to the podcast and stay in touch with all things Outdoor Magazine. The best part…it’s free.

You can download the android version by scanning this qr code with your phone.

Here’s the code for the iPhone version.

I hope you enjoy this app. Thanks in advance for listening to the podcast.

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Radio for weekend of 12/10

A diverse and fast paced show this week on Outdoor Magazine radio.

I start out talking about my last Outdoor Magazine television show. That show includes video dating back to the late eighties and it was very interesting for me to look back on that part of my career.

Next, Jim Wale of JW Kennels has some great advice on rabbit hunting with beagles.

Then Mark Romanack of the Fishing 411 show talks about why early season ice fishing for perch and panfish can be so productive. He has some great information on locations, gear and techniques for catching more fish.

Also, a very interesting conversation with Michigan Conservation officer John Borkovich. John has details on finding a group of illegal aliens from Mexico involved in an alleged poaching incident in St. Clair County. That bust turned up several illegal guns, and resulted in 29 charges against 5 men.

Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs wraps up the second hour with a look back at the firearm deer season. He says there are lots of unhappy hunters in Michigan this year and stresses the importance of filling out the DNR hunter survey.

Bowhunting for late season whitetails is the subject in our final hour with Tim Roller of the Wild Addiction TV Show. Tim says hunting can be very tough this time of year and hunters need to capitalize on the primary instinct of whitetails in the late season….their stomach.

We wrap up with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. Dave and I discuss our working relationship going back to the early days of Outdoor Magazine. He also reminds us gift certificates to his restaurant are a great Christmas gift idea.

A fast paced show this week filled with lots of great information and tips. I hope you enjoy it.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio (first weekend in December)

We kick off December with a busy show this week.

First, Derrick Poet of Jay’s Sporting Goods joins me with some great Christmas gift suggestions for the outdoorsman/woman on your list.

Then, Tim Hart of the Q1 Buckpole contest checks in with some recent entries. They’ve seen some really nice bucks in the past couple weeks.

We wrap up the hour with Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews. Tom takes a look back at the Michigan firearm deer season and has some thoughts on this year’s harvest.

Blaine Bailor of Jay’s Sporting Goods also joins me this week. Blaine is an expert coyote hunter and he has some great advice on how to get started in that rapidly growing sport.

After taking a couple weeks off to head west and hunt deer, Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs is back with us. Tony talks about those persistent reports of a very slow deer season in parts of the state.

We continue with our deer hunting theme in hour number three with outdoor writer and veteran hunter Richard P. Smith. Richard talks about his experiences this season in Michigan Upper Peninsula and says overall it was a very good season for hunters in the north country.

We wrap it up, as always, with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. Dave says the hunting has been pretty slow for his family so far this season, but that doesn’t stop him from sharing a great venison recipe.

This show has lots of great information and insightful comments from my guests. I hope you can join me.

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