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Radio Rundown 2/25

Another busy show this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, I talk about a comment posted on the Outdoor Magazine facebook page from a woman who says a legal wolf hunter should “swallow a bullet” for hunting those animals. Needless to say, that set me off. You can see my comments below.

Then Dale McNamee of the U.P. Sportsmen’s Alliance joins me. Dale says his group has a unique perspective on Upper Peninsula habitat and wildlife issues.

Tim Hart of the Q1 Buckpole finishes out the hour. Tim has a preview of their big season wrap up party next weekend.

Flyfishing in southeast Michigan is the topic of hour two. Mike Schultz of Schultz Outfitters joins me with an interesting look at warm water flyfishing opportunities in that part of the state.

We turn our attention to food plots in the next hour with Eric Sherwood of Whitetail Select. With the mild winter Eric says the food plot season is just around the corner and he has great advice on how to get started.

Chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps it up again this week. Dave talks about field care of wild game and previews some upcoming wild game dinners.

Another busy show….I hope you enjoy it.

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Radio Rundown for 2/18

Another fast paced show this week on Outdoor Magazine.

First, Dan Eichinger of the Michigan DNR joins me to talk about the new Youth Mentored Hunting License package. In a nutshell the guidelines say a mentor can take as many kids hunting as they feel comfortable with, but only two weapons can be used by the group. Also, all mentored hunters need to be within reach of the senior hunter at all times. Mentored Youth Hunting Licenses will be available March 1st.

Then, Adam Starr of Showspan with a look ahead at next week’s Outdoorama show in Novi. Sounds like a great show and I plan to be there Saturday the 25th.

Hour number two features Pat McKenna of Michigan based Ameristep. Pat talks about new products for 2012 and announces a contest to give away a Carnivore blind every month this year. The grand prize will be a hog hunting trip in Florida with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer’s Choice Media. Those drawings will be held on my Outdoor Magazine radio show and streamed live on the Mike Avery Outdoors USTREAM channel.

Tony Hansen of MUCC wraps up the hour. This week Tony follows up on that mentored youth hunting program that MUCC spearheaded.

The final hour of this week’s show includes a good friend of mine, Tim Roller of Ultimate Outfitters Guide Service. Tim talks about a frustrating experience he had with a trophy buck a couple years ago and looks ahead to the spring steelhead fishing season.

Next, Ted Harpham of Darton Archery joins me to talk about Darton’s appearance at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Lansing. He also reminds me of the contest they’re having to win a new Darton bow or crossbow.

We wrap it all up with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave talks about a fundraising dinner he’s involved in to help local families in need.

A fast paced show filled with lots of great information….I hope you like it.

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Show Rundown for 2/16

Lots of great guests this week on the Outdoor Magazine radio show.

First Laura Scharich of the Michigan Crossbow Federation talks about the first annual Crossbow Jamboree coming up in May. The event will be a great venue to learn more about that popular archery weapon.

Then Tim Hart of Q1 Buckpole joins me with an update on their big buck parties across the state.

The hour wraps up with Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews. Tom talks about their appearance at consumer outdoor shows across Michigan. He also has details on a subscription special for listeners of the Outdoor Magazine radio show and podcast.

In the second hour Tom Miller of the North American Shed Hunters Club joins me to talk about that very popular wintertime sport. Tom describes the appeal of shed hunting and has some great tips on where to look for dropped whitetail antlers.

Tony Hansen of MUCC is up next with response to a statement made on a Michigan television show that MUCC is “in bed” with the DNR. Tony vehemently denies that line of thinking.

The final hour features one of my most popular guests, Richard P. Smith. Richard is a noted outdoor writer and expert big game hunter. This time our discussion covers a wide range of topics from walking with whitetails to a wintertime deer feeding program.

Next, Tom Huggler of Showspan joins me with details on the big Outdoorama show coming up in Novi.

We wrap it up as aways with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has another great recipe.

A busy show, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Rundown for First Weekend in February

Another busy and informative show this week on Outdoor Magazine.

First I start out talking about the number of wild hogs in Michigan. Based on reports from hunters, I’m starting to question if the population is as big as the DNR says.

Then Cliff Enzor of Whitetails Ghosts joins me. Cliff is a nineteen year old kid who’s making a name for himself in the world on online hunting videos.

The second hour kicks off with Dave Rose of Wild Fishing. Dave is an outdoor writer and fishing guide from northern Michigan. He has some great advice on how to make the most of this marginal ice fishing season.

Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs wraps up the hour talking about a victory for hunters and snowmobilers.

Veteran outdoorsman Tom Lounsbury is up next. Tom and I talk about a number of topics, including one of his recent hunting trips using a recurve bow for rabbits.

Next, a preview of the big deer and turkey expo coming up in a couple of week in Lansing. Show director Glenn Helgeland outlines the rundown.

We wrap up as always with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has a hearty cold weather recipe.

Another fast paced show. I hope you enjoy it.

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