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Rundown for Labor Day Weekend

It’s a fast paced show for this Labor Day Weekend.

First, I talk with northern Lake Huron charter captain Ed Retherford of Trout Scout Charters. Ed says this action this summer has been very good with limited catches of mixed types of trout and salmon. He also says the fishing will continue to be good on that part of the lake for several more weeks.

Next, Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews joins me with a preview of the 26th annual Outdoor Weekend coming up in Imlay city next week.

The second hour features walleye angler Lance Valentine of Walleye 101. Lance talks about the transition period from summertime into fall fishing. He also has great advice on using your electronics to catch more fish.

Tony Hansen of MUCC wraps the hour up. Tony talks about their membership drive contest called “75 Prizes in 75 Days“. That program is a great way to support the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and maybe win a great prize as well.

The final hour features a man who is quite possible the world’s best living traditional archer. Byron Ferguson will be in Michigan next week for the Woods-n-Water show. As a preview to that event he talked with me about traditional archery and what makes a good shooter.

We wrap it all up with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time dave has the last salmon recipe of the season.

A fast paced and informative show. I hope you like it.

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Rundown for the Last Weekend in August

We ease out of summer with a broad based show this week.

First, I talk about my bear hunting trip to Ontario. I held out for a giant boar and passed several nice bears along the way. As always, it was a great trip to White River. I had the chance to see several good friends and check out the beautiful northern Ontario scenery.

Then, Jim Crane of the Lumenok company joins me. Lighted nocks are one of the hottest pieces of equipment in archery today, and Lumenok makes one of the best.

Next, I feature another cool piece of archery gear, the Bolt Crossbow Backpack. I used the Bolt in Ontario and found it to be extremely roomy and comfortable. Inventor Mike Masko doesn’t market it for guns, but I think it would work great for them as well.

Hour two features the merge of high tech CSI and the war on poaching as David Stephens joins me. David spent most of his career with the Michigan State Police crime labs, but now he’s teamed up with MSU to work on wildlife related cases. David’s work could be a huge benefit to Michigan Conservation Officers.

MUCC’s Tony Hansen is up next. Tony has some very interesting news about proposed legislation for a Michigan wolf hunt.

Whitetail expert John Eberhart is the subject of the final hour. John is one of the most respected deer hunters in Michigan, as always, he has some great advice.

We wrap it all up with an unusual couple of segments as Chef Dixie Dave Minar joins me in the studio. Dave has three asian carp dishes for me to try on air. I have to admit, they were very good.

A fast paced and very informative show this week…I hope you can join me.

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Radio Rundown for 8/18

A little slower paced show this week on Outdoor Magazine radio and that means we have more time to explore some interesting outdoor issues.

First, I give my take on Quality Deer Management (QDM). In a nutshell, I think it’s great if hunters want to pass up smaller deer to let them grow, but I don’t believe they have the right to tell other hunters what to harvest.

Next, Tom Campbell of Woods N Waternews joins me with a preview of their next issue.

Richard P. Smith is featured in the second hour. Richard and I talk about bear hunting and I get his take on mandatory antler restrictions.

Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs wraps up the hour with a look at outdoor news from Lansing.

In the final hour of this week’s show I talk with Michigan’s Mr. Walleye, Mark Martin. At the time of that conversation Mark was pre fishing for the AIM national championship. Mark talks about the techniques he used for that tournament, and has some great advice on fall fishing for walleye in Michigan.

This show is packed with lots of great information. I hope you like it.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio for 8/11 or Magazine

A fast paced and informational show coming up this week.

First I recap my salmon fishing trip on Lake Michigan, including the story of fighting a downrigger for several minutes.

Then RJ Meyer of the Trophy Room Taxidermy Studio joins me to talk about preparing trophy fish and game for the taxidermist.

Next, Ted Harpham of Darton Archery joins me to talk about the IBO championship and Darton shooters at that competition.

I wrap up the hour by drawing the winner of this month’s Ameristep Carnivore ground blind.

Lennie Rezmer of Carbon Express is the featured guest in hour number two. Lennie talks about his company’s broadheads and arrows. We also take a quick look back to one of their original products…the stringtracker.

Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs is my next guest. Tony says I’m wrong about my assessment of the asian carp threat. We also discuss some recent criticism Tony has received from a well know Michigan outdoorsman.

The final hour of this week’s show features Kentucky outdoor writer Will Brantley. Will is an avid hunter and angler who has first hand knowledge of asian carp. Will says their impact is dramatic and even devastating on native fish. Will has me re-thinking my position on the invasive fish.

Chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps up the show as he continues with the fishing theme. This time Dave has a very nice fish recipe.

A fast paced and interesting show this week. I hope you like it.

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Show Rundown for Weekend of August 4th.

Kind of guns and shooting theme this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, I talk with Jeff Summer of Simply Outdoors TV. Jeff was bow fishing on a Michigan river and threatened by a gun wielding man upset by their activities.

Then Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews joins me to talk about their 26th annual Outdoor Weekend coming up after Labor Day.

Hour number two features Brent Rudolph of the Michigan DNR. Brent talks about the recent outbreak of EHD in Michigan whitetails and what the long range effect of the disease could be.

Then Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs joins me to talk about the role of his group and the recent court decision that threatens Michigan shooting ranges.

The shooting theme continues in our final hour as Bob Leavitt of the Black Rifle Action Shooters Society joins me to talk about AR-15′s on the range. Bob says there’s growing interest in the so called “black rifles”.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has one of the most unusual recipes I’ve heard from him…asian carp.

Another busy and informative show, I hope you can join me.

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