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Outdoor Magazine Radio for 10/27

Lot’s of great outdoor news and information on this week’s Outdoor Magazine Radio show….

First, I talk with Tom Schneider of the Heater Body Suit. I’ve used the suit in temperatures down to forty below zero and I can tell you this suit really works. Tom discusses the science behind it and some improvements for this year.

Then, Tim Hart of the Q1 Buckpole joins me with an update on their whitetail contest and prize giveaway.

Hour number two features Michigan’s premiere whitetail hunter, John Eberhart. John tells the story of taking his latest record book buck and has great advice on hunting the whitetail rut.

Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs wraps up the hour with an update on proposed legislation that would establish a Michigan wolf hunt.

Michigan’s “Mr. U.P.”, Dan Donarski kicks off the third hour. Dan talks about all things outdoors in the north country, including bird hunting and the upcoming deer season.

We wrap it up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar who has a very nice venison recipe.

A fast paced and informative show. I hope you like it.

Radio Rundown for 10/20

First, I talk with Jim Lombardi of Buck Fever Synthetic Scents about his products and how they can help you be a more effective deer hunter. We also announce a special promotional package so you can try Buck Fever and save a few bucks while your at it. Click on this link, and enter the promtional code “averyfever” (no quotation marks). You can read more about the promotion on this blog post.

In the second hour, Greg Abbas of A-Way Outdoors joins me with great advice on talking to whitetail deer. Greg says you can’t hold a conversation with deer, but you can use some basic vocalizations to attract a buck.

The third hour this week features outdoor writer and fishing guide Dave Rose. Dave just returned from an RV adventure in Alaska and has some great stories about his trip.

We wrap it all up with Wild Game Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has another great recipe.

A little slower paced show this week filled with lots of great outdoor information. I hope you like it.

Hunt Better, Save Money

If you could do something to increase the odds of seeing a nice buck, and save some money while you’re at it, I suspect you might give it a try.

Well here’s your chance.

I’ve teamed up with Jim Lombardi and the good folks at Buck Fever Synthetic Scents to offer a special promotional package on three of their key products.

Buck Fever is a Michigan based company I’ve worked with for years, back to the days when they were called Hawgs Limited. I’ve used their products and I’m confident they work.

Here’s a recent conversation I had with Jim Lombardi on my syndicated Outdoor Magazine Radio show about his company and products.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Unlike many products on the market, Buck Fever is not urine based, it’s synthetic. That means there’s no shelf life and it continues to work for a long time.

The “Avery Special” promotional package contains a 4oz. bottle of Pre-Post scent, another bottle of Forehead Gland and an 8oz. bottle of Vanishing Hunter.

That package is usually thirty dollars, but now you can get it for just twenty bucks. Click on this link, enter the code “averyfever” (no quotes) in the promotional box and you save $10.

You can get details on how to use these products as a system to “trap” a big buck on their website, but basically you make a mock scrape with the Pre-Post scent and use the Forehead gland on a licking branch above it. The Vanishing Hunter is a scent elimination spray to use on your body and gear. One note on the Vanishing Hunter, it will leave a visible film on your gear if you don’t wipe it down after spraying.

I realize not everybody believes in the use of scents to attract deer, and I also know whitetail scents and scent elimination spray can be expensive. Well here’s your chance to give the system a try for just $20, and the best news is Buck Fever will REFUND YOUR MONEY IF YOU’RE NOT SATISFIED (minus the shipping cost of course).

Keep in mind, Buck Fever is not a “magic bullet”. It won’t make a giant buck appear out of nowhere and it can’t guarantee your success. However, it can help swing the odds a little more in your favor. At the discounted price of just twenty dollars, I think it’s a deal too good to pass up.

Rundown for 10/13

This week’s show kicks off with a conversation to help you stay legal in the field as I talk with Michigan Conservation Officer Chad Forrester.

Then, this month’s Ameristep Carnivore ground blind winner is announced. Congrats to Tommy Hunt of Colorado Springs.

The hour wraps up with Tim Hart of the Q1 Buckpole Contest. Tim has details on that event as they kick off another season.

Tom Lounsbury is my first guest in the second hour. Tom is an avid pheasant hunter and has some great advice on modern day pheasant hunting in Michigan.

Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Tony has the latest on the threat to shooting Michigan shooting ranges.

We switch topics in the third hour and head to the water with Don Barnard. Don is hard core muskie angler who says fall is the best time to catch a trophy fish.

Chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps it all up, but this time Dave doesn’t have a recipe. He has some great tips on field care of wild game, including his thoughts on aging venison.

Another good show….I hope you enjoy it.

Radio Rundown for 10/6

There’s another good show coming up this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, I talk with Ken Johnston of Michigan based Ultimate Muzzleloaders. Ken says his rifles can consistently make shots at distances of more than five hundred yards…some center fire rifles can’t even claim that accuracy.

Then Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews joins me to talk about that magazine and how it got started.

The second hour features Dr. Mike Stewart, an audiologist and hard core hunter. Mike talks about shooting and hearing loss, and how it can be prevented.

Tony Hansen of MUCC wraps up the hour with an update on EHD in Michigan and plans for a wolf hunt.

In the third hour the topic changes to fishing with Capt. Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee. Paul says fishing on the big lake has been slow lately, but river fishing is picking up.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. Dave talks about his bow season so far and has a great venison recipe.

Another fast paced and informational show. I hope you enjoy it.

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