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Radio Rundown for Last Weekend in 2012

I kick off this show with a list of New Year’s resolutions…including being better prepared for next deer season and growing the number of Outdoor Magazine radio affiliates to 25.

Then, Glenn Duncan of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop in Bay City, Michigan joins me to talk about the renewed assault on guns and their owners.

Tim Hart of Q-1 Buckpole wraps up the hour with one final report about his statewide big buck contest.

The second hour features captain Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee. Paul talks about wintertime steelhead fishing on the Big Manistee River.

Coyote hunting is the subject of the final hour as I talk with Blaine Bailer of Jay’s Sporting Goods. Blaine is a veteran Michigan coyote hunter and he has lots of great advice on that popular wintertime sport.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has details on a charity wild game dinner to benefit the Helping Hands Program.

Another fast paced show with lots of great outdoor news and information. I hope you like it.

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Radio Show Rundown for 12/22

First, Katie Keen of the Michigan DNR has some details about the Pure Michigan Hunt. The deadline to enter is December 31st.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews reminds us how that publication got started twenty six years ago and looks at the November edition of the magazine.

In the second hour we take a look at antler point restrictions in NW lower Michigan.

First, Ryan Ratajczak of the Northwest Michigan Chapter of Quality Deer Managament joins me. His group is responsible for the new restrictions that will take effect next season.

Then Brent Rudolph of the Michigan DNR has the department perspective on the issue.

The hour wraps up with Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Tony has an update on a Michigan wolf hunt and talks about MUCC’s position on quality deer management.

The third hour features one of my most popular guests, Mark Martin. Mark talks about his upcoming ice fishing schools . His first school will be on Lake Gogebic in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

We wrap it all up with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has his signature wild board and seafood combo dinner recipe.

Another good show, I hope you like it.

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This Week’s Radio Show (12/15/12)

It’s another informative and entertaining Outdoor Magazine Radio show this week.

First, Glenn Duncan of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop in Bay City joins me to talk about guns as Christmas presents. Glenn has great advice on buying that first .22 or shotgun for a young shooter, but he says buying a personal defense handgun for adults is a bad idea. According to Glenn, that’s a very personal decision that the future gun owner should be part of. He suggest it’s a better idea to get a gift certificate and let the shooter pick out their own gun.

Then Tim Hart of the Q1 Buckpole whitetail contest joins me to talk about the latest entries in that contest.

Hour number two features “Michigan’s Mr. UP”, Dan Donarski. Dan talks about the fall hunting season and has a look ahead to ice fishing in the Upper Peninsula.

Stephanie Brown of Jay’s Outdoor News is my next guest. She’s the online editor of that website that features some great Michigan based hunting and fishing articles.

The hour wraps up with Tony Hansen of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. This week Tony has an update on a proposed Michigan wolf hunting season.

The third hour kicks off with Captain Doug Deming of the Fish Point Lodge on Saginaw Bay. Doug talks about ice fishing for perch, walleye and whitefish on Saginaw Bay. He also discusses how the near record low water levels are affecting boaters and fishermen.

Wild Game Chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps it all up this week. Dave and I announce a new facebook giveaway wher you can win an autographed copy of Dave’s wild game cookbook.

Another good show filled with great guests and information. I hope you like it.

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Let’s Keep It Civil

I’m not quite sure what it is about wolves that incites such passion in people. It’s clear to me though that the battle over wolf hunting has become a symbol for the war between hunters and the bunny hugging antis.

This became especially clear to me through a series of recent posts on the Outdoor Magazine facebook page. I simply asked the question of whether the Michigan House of Representatives had voted on the proposal to have a wolf hunt in Michigan, and the page lit up. Many of those posts were from folks strongly against hunting wolves.

Those posts were followed by responses from folks who support the biologically sound harvest of the animals.

As you might expect the conversation between the two sides was quite spirited…and that’s good. However the tone soon turned negative.

A woman named Donna Fitzpatrick posted she thought all hunters were “morons”. She made several other negative comments, then went on to say the head of a wolf hunter should hang on her wall. At that point I banned Donna from my facebook page.

I’m willing, and even eager, to discuss the benefits of hunting with someone who is interested in having an open minded conversation. However, I will not allow The Outdoor Magazine facebook page to be used as a venue to promote the anti hunting agenda.

There are plenty of websites, forums and facebook pages where such misguided information is welcome. I refuse to be part of such conversations and will not allow any media outlet I’m involved with to be used in that manner.

Yes, my Outdoor Magazine facebook page is a forum, but it’s not an open forum. The page is a great tool to discuss hunting and fishing issues, share photos of outdoor experiences and ask questions about outdoor related issues. It is not an online “free for all”.

I will exercise my right to ban blatant anti hunters and also to monitor the language used in all posts.

I got some grief for banning Donna from the page. One person even said I should “stop pouting…and grow up”. I banned Donna, not because she was an anti hunter, but because of her rudeness toward hunters, her contempt for hunting in general and her threat to put a wolf hunter’s head on her wall. Those comments add nothing positive to the conversation.

I’m also very unhappy with some of the language used by folks who posted their thoughts about a Michigan wolf hunt. I understand this is a vey emotional issue, but there’s no reason to swear and belittle others. You can make a strong point without using strong language. I strive to keep the posts on my page family friendly. We set an example for future hunters and anglers by the thoughts we express and the language used. I don’t like to delete posts, but I will if they contain inappropriate language.

My goal is to promote the history and tradition of hunting and fishing and to do what I can to ensure that lifestyle continues for future generations. The Outdoor Magazine facebook page is one tool to help me do that.

There are roughly 7,000 people now on the facebook page. That’s not a huge number by facebook standards, but enough to get a wide range of thoughts and comments. We can use facebook and other online venues in a positive manner to promote our cause, or we can be negative and further the growing conflict between some groups of hunters.

I know which direction I’m heading.

If you agree with me let’s continue forward. If not, there are plenty of other websites and facebook pages where you will be welcome.

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Rundown for 12/8

Lots of great outdoor news and information this week on the Outdoor Magazine show.

First, I talk about a recent fishing trip on Saginaw Bay. It’s a treat to be able to fish open water this late in the season.

Then, Troy Waterman of the MOAB Camo Dipping Company joins me to talk about a contest on the Outdoor Magazine facebook page to giveaway a free whitetail camo skull dip.

Next, I draw the winner of this month’s Ameristep Carnivore ground blind giveaway. Congrats to William Denny of Glennfield, New York.

The hour wraps up with Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews. Tom talks about some of the big bucks reported during the Michigan firearm season and has a preview of their January edition.

Richard P. Smith is up next. Richard has a great report on the U.P deer season and a close encounter he had with a Booner buck. He also talks about his yearly, pre-Christmas downstate book signing tour.

Next, Tony Hansen of MUCC joins me for his regular visit to the show. This week Tony has details of how legislation to establish a Michigan wolf hunt is progressing.

The Michigan wintertime tradition of pike spearing is the topic of our final hour. Mike Holmes of the Michigan Darkhouse Anglers Association joins me to talk about the history of that sport and the appeal of spearing today. By the way, you can see some very interesting pike spearing video clips here.

We wrap it all up with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has a hearty venison recipe.

Another busy and informative show. I hope you like it.

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