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Rundown for Last Show of 2014

Time to wrap up another year of the Outdoor Magazine radio show.

First, Drew YoungeDyke of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs ( to talk about the recent decision by a federal judge to put wolves back on the endangered species list.  Drew says the anti’s “judge shopped” until they found one sympathetic to their cause. He also says outside of the wolf issue, all the positive aspects of Michigan’s scientific wildlife management legislation still hold true.

Pike spearing is the topic of hour two as I talk with Jason Michalski of Darkhouse Decoys and Spears (  Jason describes the appeal of this north country wintertime tradition and talks about the gear needed to get started.

Al Herman of the Michigan Friends of NRA ( wraps up the hour talking about that group and what they’re doing to defend second amendment rights in the Great Lakes State.

Blaine Bailer of Jays Sporting Goods talks coyote hunting in hour number three.  Predator hunting is a fast growing wintertime sport and Blaine has lots of experience and advice on how to be successful.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This week Dave has a very nice walleye recipe.

A good show to wrap up the year.  I hope you like it.


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Rundown for First Weekend of Winter

We celebrate the official start of winter this week with some interesting guests and information.

First, professional angler Mark Martin joins me to talk about fishing conditions across the state.  He also previews his upcoming Fishing Vacation School.

Then Allan Goetz of the Michigan Buck Pole ( looks back on the Michigan deer season and talks about the success of their online buck pole.

Hour two features Glenn Duncan of Duncans Outdoor shop in Bay City, Michigan.  Glenn has great advice on storing your deer rifle during the off season and talks about the continuing ammo shortage.

Jordyn Richardson of the Michigan dnr is up next with a reminder about the Pure Michigan Hunt (  The deadline to apply is December 31st.

We wrap up the hour with meteorologist Mark Torregrossa (  Mark admits the early part of this winter season was not as cold and snowy as he predicted and he has a revised forecast for the rest of the winter.

Noted outdoor writer and hunting expert Richard P Smith joins me in hour number three.  We talk about the U.P. deer season and how the weather affected the animals.  Richard also talks about some new numbers from the DNR indicating the black bear population might be higher than some biologists thought.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This time Dave makes a surprise visit to the studio and brings a very nice venison dish with him.



Another show with great guests and lots of good outdoor information.  I hope you like it.

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Show Rundown for December 13/14

I’m recovering very well from knee replacement surgery, but still not quite up to sitting in the studio for three hours, so this week’s Outdoor Magazine radio show is a compilation of programs that aired last year about this time.

First, I talk with retired DNR Fisheries Biologist Steve Sendek.  Steve says he was surrounded and stalked by wolves in Michigan’s U.P.

Hour number two features Mike Holmes of the Michigan Darkhouse Association (  Pike spearing is a wintertime tradition in the north country and Mike has some interesting thoughts on the sport.

Then, Katie Keen of the Michigan dnr joins me to talk about the Pure Michigan hunt and remind us of the upcoming deadline to apply.

In hour three I talk with Doug Deming of the Fish Point Lodge on Saginaw Bay.  Doug talks about an early season recovery of a snowmobile that went through the ice and has great tips for catching perch and walleye.

As always we wrap it up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This time though Dave has two recipes for us.

A little different format this week, and I appreciate your indulgence.  Next time I’ll be back in the studio and ready to get back to work.


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Radio Rundown for First Show in December

We kick off the new month with some great guests and information this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, Ted Harpham of Michigan’s Darton Archery  joins me.  Darton is getting ready to celebrate sixty five years in the archery business by introducing some cool new bows and crossbows.

Then, another Michigan archery company is featured as I talk with Tim Checkeroski of G5 Outdoors.  Tim has details on the new Havoc crossbow head.

Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews wraps up the hour talking about the outdoors in the great state of Michigan.

The time honored tradition of trapping is the featured topic in hour number two as I talk with Dale Hendershot of the Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association (

Then we switch gears to steelhead and wrap up the hour with fisheries biologist Heather Hettinger of the michigan dnr.

Old friend Tom Lounsbury joins me in the final hour of this week’s show.  As always, we talk about a large variety of topics….including the late pheasant season and tactics for late season whitetails.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This week Dave has a very nice venison recipe.


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