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Radio Rundown for Last Weekend in August

We wrap up the summer season talking about more hunting than fishing this week on the Outdoor Magazine Radio Show.

First, master taxidermist RJ Meyer of the Trophy Room taxidermy studio joins me to talk about bear hunting.  RJ describes our recent trip to White River Ontario and has great advice for Michigan bear hunters too.

Waterfowl hunting expert George Lynch of Lynch Mob Calls kicks off the second hour.  George talks about hunting Michigan’s early goose season and has examples of what a good goose and duck call should sound like.

Linda Walters of the Michigan dnr is up next with details on their new Outdoor Activity Center in Detroit.  You can learn more at

Hour number three starts out with Michigan whitetail hunting legend John Eberhart (  John has some great advice on hunting pressured whitetails and compares the hunting hear to other states.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This week he has a heart bear stew recipe.

Another show filled with great guests and information.  I hope you like it.


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Radio Show Rundown for 8/22

Scent control for hunters is the opening subject on this week’s Outdoor Magazine radio show as I talk with Alex Gyllstrom of Scent Lok.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews joins me with another look at their upcoming Outdoor Weekend and also the September edition of that magazine.

Hour two features outdoor writer and wildlife expert Richard P Smith.  Richard talks about walking with whitetails and black bear and how those experiences make him a better hunter.

Drew YoungeDyke of mucc is up next.  Drew has an update on their “On the Ground” problem….include the development of “rabbitat”.

The hour wraps up with Rob Komyathy.  Rob has details on the 6th annual 3d shoot for the Michigan State Police Torch Run program.  Details at Saginaw Field and Stream.

Tom Lounsbury is my guest in the third hour of this week’s show.  Tom is an outdoor writer and broadcaster….and an expert hunter and an angler.  We talk about an upcoming bear hunting trip and much more.

This week’s show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  Dave has another very nice fish recipe.

A wide range of guests and topics this week.  I hope you like the show.

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Rundown for 8/15

Tim Checkeroski of  G5 Outdoors kicks off this week’s show talking about that Michigan based company and their top quality broadheads and archery accessories.

Then,  Jerry Wydner of the Hunter Safety System talks about tree stand safety and how that part of the hunting industry has evolved.

Katie Keen of the Michigan dnr is up next.  This time Katie describes the “GEMS” program for grouse hunters.

Michigan’s “Mr. Walleye”, Mark Martin kicks off hour number three.  Mark talks about fishing Muskegon Lake as a kid and how that helped prepare him for a fishing career that put him in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

Wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps up the show…this time with another nice fish recipe.

Lots of great guests and information this week.  Thanks for listening.



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Radio Rundown for August 8/9

First Ron Pittsley of Predator Archery ( joins me to talk about the world of traditional archery and why it continues to be popular.

Then, Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews has a preview of their big Outdoor Weekend coming up next month.

Hour two kicks off with retired Michigan Game Warden Wayne Coleman.   Wayne has some interesting observations about how that job has changed and he promotes his books available on Amazon.

mucc‘s Drew YoungeDyke is up next.  Drew talks about their OTG (On the Ground) program to improve fish and wildlife habitat across the state.

Lionel Grant of the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge ( wraps up the hour talking about the youth hunt scheduled there in September.

The final hour of this week’s show features veteran outdoor writer Steve Griffin.  Steve talks about the appeal of panfishing and using a kayak to chase big king salmon.

Wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps it all up.  This time he has a very nice fish recipe.

Lots of great guests and information this week on the Outdoor Magazine radio show.  I hope you like it.

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