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Radio Rundown for First Fall Weekend

We kick off the fall season with some great guests and information this week on Outdoor Magazine.

First, Paul Jankens of Michigan made Diamondbuck blinds joins me.

Then, Lt. Glenn Gutierrez talks about the so called “bear attack” on a porcupine hunter.

Doug Deming from the Fish Point Lodge kicks off the second hour.  Doug has some great advice on waterfowl hunting Saginaw Bay.

The waterfowl conversation continues next with Barb Avers of the Michigan dnr.  Barb talks about the importance of the Great Lakes State as a waterfowl hunting destination.

Hour three features outdoor writer and hunting expert Tom Lounsbury.  Tom has a great story about his recent UP bear hunt.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This week Dave has a very nice squirrel recipe.

Thanks for listening.

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Podcast Reaches Another Milestone



New Logo 

Michigan’s most popular outdoor radio show continues to set new standards.

Host and producer Mike Avery is pleased to announce the podcast version of the show has been downloaded more than ONE MILLION times in the past twelve months.

“This is a huge milestone for the Outdoor Magazine franchise and I couldn’t be happier”, says the veteran broadcaster.

This latest news continues a trend of growth for Avery’s radio show and podcast.  The broadcast version of the program is now heard on 26 AM and FM stations across Michigan and the podcast is often downloaded more than a hundred thousand times each month.

Avery, who spent many years in outdoor television, says “While some forms of outdoor media are struggling, radio and podcasting continue to gain audience and offer a tremendous advertising value.”

The Outdoor Magazine podcast can be heard on iTunes, Mike’s website (, the facebook page ( and the mobile app for android and iPhones.  The podcast is also available on several additional outdoor related websites.


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Radio Show Rundown for September 19/20

There’s lots of fall hunting action on this edition of Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First master taxidermist RJ Meyer of the Trophy Room talks about field prep of your trophy during the youth hunt and Michigan bear season.

Then Bryan Lowe of  the Michigan Buck Pole ( kicks off their whitetail season.

Next, Tom Campbell has a wrap up of the big Outdoor Weekend and a preview of the October edition of their Woods-n-Waternews  publication.

Hour two starts out with Rob Miller of the Michigan Deer Trackn Hounds.  Rob talks about the growing use of tracking dogs to recover deer.

Drew YoungeDyke from mucc is up next with another update about their “On The Ground” program and a wrap up of the “Camo at the Capitol” event.

Hunter and outdoor inventor Greg Abbas of A-Way Outdoors ( is the featured guest in hour number three.  Greg talks about the process of bringing a product to the outdoor marketplace.  He also has great advice on the use of calls and scent to attract a buck.

We wrap it all up with chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This week Dave has a very nice venison recipe.

Lots of great guests and information this week.  I hope you like the show.

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Radio Rundown for September 12/13

This week’s Outdoor Magazine show is filled with great guests and information.

First, outdoor writer and fishing guide Dave Rose (  joins me to talk about fall fishing opportunities in northern Michigan.

Tim Dusterwinkle is featured in hour number two.  Tim is the president of the Michigan Bear Hunters Association ( He talks about the upcoming bear season and the appeal of running bears with dogs.

Next, the conversation turns to whitetail deer with Chad Stewart of the  Michigan  dnr Chad has an update on the CWD situation and preview of the upcoming season.

Bird hunting is the opening topic of hour number three as I talk with Al Stewart.  Al is the upland game bird specialist for the DNR and an avid bird hunter.  Al talks about fall turkey hunting, as well as grouse and woodcock seasons.

Dixie Dave Minar wraps up this week’s show with a spicy grilled goose breast recipe.

A little fishing this week….and lots of hunting.  I hope you like the show.

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Labor Day Weekend Rundown

It’s a busy show this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, Scott Szfranski of the Linwood Beach Marina joins Mike to talk about the great early season perch fishing on Saginaw Bay.  That’s my grandson Trent below with a beautiful Saginaw Bay jumbo caught off Linwood.

Then, Emily Mallory of the Forward Corporation unveils a contest to win a Darton Archery crossbow package.

Tom Campbell of  Woods-n-Waternews wraps up the hour with details of their big Outdoor Weekend coming up next week in Imlay City.

Hour number two kicks off with Michigan dnr wildlife biologist Brian Mastenbrook.   Brian talks about the Michigan elk herd and why this is the best time of year to see those magnificent animals.

Drew Youngedyke from mucc is up next with details on their latest On The Ground program to battle an invasive plant.

Then Darton Archery‘s Ted Harpham has details of that Scorpion Crossbow package and hints at some new bows coming out soon.

The final hour features Michigan Squirrel Dog Association President Ryan Hobbs.  Ryan describes why hunting squirrels with dogs is such a fast growing sport.  He also has details on how to get started.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This time Dave discusses the upcoming “Salute to Veterans” wild game dinner and sneaks in a very nice bear recipe.

I told you it was a busy show.  I hope you like it.

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