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Radio Rundown to Kick Off October

Allan Goetz from the Michigan Buck Pole is my first guest this week.  Allan describes how their “online buck pole” started and talks about their impressive growth.

Then Emily Mallory of the Forward Corporation  joins me to talk about another giveaway.  This time it’s a hunting blind from Slayer Blinds.

Speaking of Slayer Outdoor Products, Rob Trowbridge from that Michigan based company  wraps up the hour with details on their products.

Hour two kicks off with Mike Horswill of Jays Sporting Goods.  Mike is an expert meat processor and has great advice on field dressing, butchering and processing your deer.

Amy Trotter from mucc is up next.  Amy talks about their recent Great Lakes Day at the state capitol.  She also has updates on the Lake Erie algae bloom, aquaculture and asian carp.

Michigan’s “Mr. Walleye”,  Mark Martin is featured in hour three this week.  Mark has great advice  about fishing the fall and has a preview of his upcoming Fishing Vacation Schools.

Chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps it all up.  This time he has a very nice venison recipe.

I hope you like the show.

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Rundown for the Last Weekend in April

My first guest this week is a guy I called “the most interesting man in Michigan”.  His name is Bill Hoffman (WCHoffman.com) and he’s a writer, podcaster and avid turkey hunter (among other things).  Bill talks about the world of outdoor podcaster and has some advice for Michigan turkey hunters who need more action than our state can provide.

Then, Michigan dnr Law Division Corporal Dave Painter joins me to talk about the practice of  turkey “reaping”, also known as “fanning”.  There’s been a lot of confusion in Michigan about whether it’s legal.  Officer Painter has the official word from Lansing.

Hour two kicks off with Steve Winters of the Bowfishing Association of Michigan (BowFishBam.com).  Steve talks about the popularity of bow fishing and has details on some upcoming tournaments.

Amy Trotter from the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (mucc.org) is up next.  Amy talks about proposed legislation that would make it tougher to bring in deer carcasses harvested in other states to help prevent the spread of CWD.

The final hour features Tim Roller of Tim Rollers Outdoor Journey.  In honor of the opening weekend of trout season we’re talking fly fishing in Michigan.  We also talk turkey hunting and walleye fishing as well.

As usual, we wrap it up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  Dave has another turkey recipe this week.

I hope you like the show.


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Show Rundown For This Weekend (7/9)

We start out this week’s show talking about Michigan’s whitetail herd with researcher Sonje Christensen.  She’s involved in a five year study to determine the impact of the EHD outbreak in 2012.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews joins me with a preview of their July edition and an update on their upcoming Outdoor Weekend.

The whitetail theme continues in our second hour as I talk with Michigan dnr biologist Chad Stewart.  Chad describes the expansion of the CWD zone and concerns that EHD might be a problem again this summer.

mucc Deputy Director Amy Trotter is up next.  Amy talks about the role of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and how hunters and anglers need to be more involved in the political process.

Outdoor writer Steve Griffin is my featured guest in the final hour of this week’s Outdoor Magazine show.  Steve talks about our recent walleye fishing trip on Saginaw Bay and takes a look at how hunting and fishing have changed in Michigan.

Wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps it all up.  First, Dave has the good news of his success in the Michigan elk drawing.  He also has a very nice grilled fish recipe.

Interesting guests and lots of information this week on the show.  I hope you like it.

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Show Rundown for the Last Weekend in November

We wrap up the month with some great guests and information on this  edition of Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, Tony Demboski of the Upper Peninsula Sportsmens Alliance joins me to talk about issues facing UP hunters.  Tony is especially concerned about the loss of deer yarding areas.

Then Bryan Lowe of the Michigan Buckle (mibuckpole.com) has some cool deer hunting stories based on pictures posted to their website.

Hour two kicks off with master gunsmith Glenn Duncan of Duncans Outdoor shop in Bay City.  Glenn has advice on the best way to store your guns during the off season.

Amy Trotter from the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (mucc.org)  is up next.  Amy talks about their OTG program, plus interesting activity in Lansing and Washington affecting outdoor enthusiasts.

Chad Stewart of the Michigan dnr wraps up the hour with an update on CWD and that mule deer found dead along a Michigan roadway.

Our final hour features Tim Roller of the Whitetail Journey TV Show.  Tim talks about hunting deer in the late season and also goes back to his years as a fishing guide to discuss water temperature and how that affects steelhead fishing.

We wrap it up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This time Dave has a very hearty venison recipe.

Great guests and lots of good information this week.  I hope you like the show.



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