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Let’s Keep It Civil

I’m not quite sure what it is about wolves that incites such passion in people. It’s clear to me though that the battle over wolf hunting has become a symbol for the war between hunters and the bunny hugging antis.

This became especially clear to me through a series of recent posts on the Outdoor Magazine facebook page. I simply asked the question of whether the Michigan House of Representatives had voted on the proposal to have a wolf hunt in Michigan, and the page lit up. Many of those posts were from folks strongly against hunting wolves.

Those posts were followed by responses from folks who support the biologically sound harvest of the animals.

As you might expect the conversation between the two sides was quite spirited…and that’s good. However the tone soon turned negative.

A woman named Donna Fitzpatrick posted she thought all hunters were “morons”. She made several other negative comments, then went on to say the head of a wolf hunter should hang on her wall. At that point I banned Donna from my facebook page.

I’m willing, and even eager, to discuss the benefits of hunting with someone who is interested in having an open minded conversation. However, I will not allow The Outdoor Magazine facebook page to be used as a venue to promote the anti hunting agenda.

There are plenty of websites, forums and facebook pages where such misguided information is welcome. I refuse to be part of such conversations and will not allow any media outlet I’m involved with to be used in that manner.

Yes, my Outdoor Magazine facebook page is a forum, but it’s not an open forum. The page is a great tool to discuss hunting and fishing issues, share photos of outdoor experiences and ask questions about outdoor related issues. It is not an online “free for all”.

I will exercise my right to ban blatant anti hunters and also to monitor the language used in all posts.

I got some grief for banning Donna from the page. One person even said I should “stop pouting…and grow up”. I banned Donna, not because she was an anti hunter, but because of her rudeness toward hunters, her contempt for hunting in general and her threat to put a wolf hunter’s head on her wall. Those comments add nothing positive to the conversation.

I’m also very unhappy with some of the language used by folks who posted their thoughts about a Michigan wolf hunt. I understand this is a vey emotional issue, but there’s no reason to swear and belittle others. You can make a strong point without using strong language. I strive to keep the posts on my page family friendly. We set an example for future hunters and anglers by the thoughts we express and the language used. I don’t like to delete posts, but I will if they contain inappropriate language.

My goal is to promote the history and tradition of hunting and fishing and to do what I can to ensure that lifestyle continues for future generations. The Outdoor Magazine facebook page is one tool to help me do that.

There are roughly 7,000 people now on the facebook page. That’s not a huge number by facebook standards, but enough to get a wide range of thoughts and comments. We can use facebook and other online venues in a positive manner to promote our cause, or we can be negative and further the growing conflict between some groups of hunters.

I know which direction I’m heading.

If you agree with me let’s continue forward. If not, there are plenty of other websites and facebook pages where you will be welcome.

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Welcome to Mike Avery Outdoors.com

It’s been several weeks in the works, but the new website is online. It’s called Mike Avery Outdoors.com…kind of a departure from the old Outdoor Magazine.tv website.

I made the change to reflect the new direction I’ve taken over the past few months. After more than a quarter century of the Outdoor Magazine television show, I’ve walked away from outdoor tv to concentrate on the Outdoor Magazine radio show and podcast. Along with that, I’ll put an increased emphasis toward my online presence through such outlets as facebook, twitter and this blog.

Also, since I no longer have a television show to distribute my video, I’ll be using you tube, vimeo and even Ustream more now.

Of course radio will be my main emphasis. You can hear Outdoor Magazine radio on broadcast stations across Michigan. The podcast version of the show is available on iTunes, the website and facebook page…and our mobile apps for iPhones and Android devices.

You can easily get to all of those outlets through the new website, Mike Avery Outdoors.com. You’ll even notice facebook and twitter integrated into the home page. Through those social media sites I’ll be able to quickly and easily update the website.

Webmaster extraordinaire Jim Gleason of Lakewood Multimedia has done a great job of designing the site as a portal to all things Outdoor Magazine and Mike Avery on the web.

While there are still some minor changes and tweaks that need to be made, I’m very happy with the new website and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Feel free to look around and let me know what you think.

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