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Rundown for Father’s Day Weekend.

First, Michigan dnr biologist Chad Stewart talks about the Michigan moose herd.  Moose were re-introduced to the state more than thirty years ago, but the population hasn’t grown as originally expected.

Then, Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews talks about their July edition and the upcoming Outdoor Weekend in September.

Hour two kicks off with Darton Archery  staff shooter Al Burk.  Al describes how target shooter can make you a better bowhunter…especially 3D shoots.

Kevin Frawley of the DNR is up next.   He has details on the recent survey of Michigan deer hunters.  Highlights of that report include the number of hunters continues to decline, but their success rate is up slightly.  Kevin also says support for baiting and antler point restrictions is on the rise.

Hour three features Eric Lafollette of Jays Sporting Goods.  Eric has great advice on the new wireless trail cam systems and how to use them.

We wrap it up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.   This week, Dave has a nice walleye recipe.

I hope you like the show.

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Radio for weekend of 7/23-24/11

We celebrate mid summer in the Great Lakes state this weekend with a look around…and ahead at what’s coming up.

First, RJ Meyer of the Trophy Room Taxidermy Studio joins me to talk about the care and handling of trophy salmon and trout. Lots of big water anglers will be landing big fish in the next few weeks and they’ll be looking for a good taxidermist. I highly recommend RJ and the Trophy Room. In fact, RJ does all of my work and much of it is on display in my office.

Some Examples of RJ's Work

RJ and I also talk about out the upcoming bear season and the recent designation of the Trophy Room as an official DNR bear check station.

Ted Harpham of Darton Archery wraps up the hour. This time Ted unveils the name of their hot new flagship crossbow for 2012.

Former Outdoor Magazine pro staffer and good friend Tim Roller kicks off hour number two. Tim is the owner of Ultimate Outfitters guide service and the producer of Tim Roller’s Wild Addiction TV show seen each week on Sportsman Channel.

We reminisce about the world record brown trout caught by one of Tim’s clients, Tom Healy in the fall of 2009 and the implications of catching such a trophy.

World Record Brown Trout

Tim and I also talk about fall fishing for king salmon in the rivers and he has some early season whitetail scouting advice.

The final hour features another favorite guest, Richard P. Smith. Richard tells me about Michigan’s first moose hunt. The event is scheduled for this fall, but it’s not a harvest, it’s a photo and video contest designed to bring attention to the state’s growing moose herd.

Richard also talks about the upcoming bear hunt and has some great advice for first time bear hunters.

Another busy and informative show, I hope you enjoy it.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio for Christmas Weekend

I kick off the show talking about my Ohio hunt last week. I didn’t see many deer, but had a good hunt anyway.

Next, Bryan Darland of Jay’s Sporting Goods joins me to talk about ice fishing gear. The ice fishing season is here and first ice can be very productive. Bryan has some great suggestions on getting started.

Tim Hart of Q1 Buckpole joins me next to discuss the latest entries in his big buck contest. Their awards banquets are just around the corner and Tim talks about those events as well.

The hour wraps up with Randy Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews. Randy talks about this past deer season and looks forward to next year.

Our second hour features a very interesting conversation with Mike Veine about wolves in Michigan. Mike is an outdoor writer who has spent a lot of time studying those predators. He says Michigan wolves have become habituated to dealing with people. As a result, he says they act differently than animals that are hunted.

Tony Hansen of Michigan United Conservation Clubs is on next. Tony and I continue the discussion about Michigan wolves and the plans to eventually have a hunt as soon as it’s allowed by the Feds. We also talk about Michigan Moose and proposed legislation to have a limited hunting season for them as well.

Outdoor writer and fishing guide Dave Rose kicks off the third hour, and again, our discussion turns back to ice fishing. Dave is an expert ice angler and he has some great advice.

The show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week the Chef has a very nice perch recipe.

Another busy show. I hope you enjoy it.

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