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Rundown for July 4th Weekend

We kick off this long  holiday weekend talking with Glenn Duncan of Duncans Outdoor Shop in Bay City.  Glenn says this is a good time to take a look at your hunting guns, get any needed work done and get them sighted in early.

Then, app designer Rob Milano talks about the updated Outdoor Magazine app.  That app is now available free in the iTunes Store and will be updated on Google Play very soon.

Hour two kicks off with Jim Felgenauer of the St. Clair Chapter of Sturgeon for Tomorrow (stclairsturgeon.org).  Jim talks about the fantastic walleye fishing in the St. Clair river right now and also the upcoming sturgeon season there.

Scott Whitcomb of the Michigan dnr is up next.  Scott describes a project to map all trails and two tracks in our state forests.  You can get more details here…(michigan.gov/forestroads).

Veteran whitetail guide and outfitter Bill Pyles of Ohio Bowhunting Outfitters (bowoutfitters.com) is featured in hour three.  Bill talks about his operation and has great advice on what hunters can do now to get ready for the upcoming season.

Wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps it all up.  This time Dave has an interesting crayfish recipe.

I hope you like the show.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio (10/31)

This week on Outdoor Magazine radio…..

We start out talking about whitetails, and my recent week bowhunting in Ohio. The weather was warm and the hunting was surprisingly slow, but as hunters we need to make the most of such situations.

Next, Bill Pyles of Ohio Bowhunting Outfitters joins me with his thoughts on the lack of deer movement.

The next show segment featured a topic that’s getting lots of attention in Michigan. Dennis Lennox of Cheboygan County told me about a plan by the DNR to ban walleye fishing on Mullet lake next year. He says that’s being proposed because the indians want to increase their catch, and as a result, sport fisherman have to reduce their harvest. We haven’t heard the last word on this one yet.

I wrap up the first hour with Randy Jorgenson of the Woods-n-Waternews.

In the second hour noted outdoor writer Dan Donarski of Hunters Horn Adventures joins me. Dan recently returned from a family safari to South Africa and he shared stories from that adventure.

We also discussed the state of deer hunting in Michigan today.

Next, another respected Michigan outdoorsman….Mark Romanack. Mark was also on the road hunting, but he was waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan. Mark talked about that trip and his bowhunting adventures back home in Michigan.

Our final hour kicks off with Glenn Duncan of Duncan’s Outdoor Shop in Bay City, Michigan. Glenn is an veteran gunsmith and veteran shooter. We talked about the choices hunters have for deer season and he talked of the perfect Michigan deer gun.

As always, the show wrapped up with chef Dixie Dave Minar. Dave was in a treestand during our conversation, but he had time to give us a tasty venison recipe.

Another busy show….I hope you enjoy it.

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