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Outdoor Magazine Radio for this Weekend

Charter Captain Mike Orr of Five Orrs Charters kicks off the show this week.  Mike was fishing southern Lake Michigan for salmon and trout but he’s moved his business to Lake Erie because the fishing there is so much better.H

Hour two features another professional fisherman, Paul Schlafley of River Side Charters out of Manistee.  Paul is talking to us from the Manistee River, where he says the steelhead action has been pretty good.

Next, mucc Executive Director Dan Eichinger joins me to talk about a variety of issues, including the plan to allow commercial fishermen to keep walleye and lake trout.  MUCC is against that proposal.

James Severance of Burt Watson  Chevrolet wraps up the hour.  James says they’re offering a new “Outdoorsman” Silverado, based on my truck.


Veteran outdoor writer and expert hunter Tom Lounsbury is my guest in hour three.  Tom is always of wealth of information and stories about his outdoor experiences….and this time is no exception.

We wrap it up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar and another interesting wild game dinner.

I hope you like the show.


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Radio Rundown for First Weekend in “Rocktober”.

We kick off the month of October talking with Ted Harpham of Darton Archery.  Ted talks about their new 2017 Maverick and teases us with talk of their other new models to be unveiled in January at the Archery Trade Association show.

Emily Mallory of the Forward Corporation wraps up the hour.  Emily has details of their latest promotional give away involving Slayer Blinds from Standish Fabricating.

Hour two kicks off with Master Taxidermist RJ Meyer of the Trophy Room  Taxidermy Studio in Allendale.  RJ has great advice on taking care of your trophy in the field so you can get the best mount possible

Drew YoungeDyke of mucc is up next.   Drew talks about the upcoming bow season, his plans to bear hunt in the remote western Upper Peninsula and some recent action taken by the Michigan United Conservation Clubs.

We switch gears and talk fishing in the final hour of this week’s show.  Captain Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters joins me to talk about fall salmon and trout fishing on the big lake and also steelhead fishing on the Manistee River.

Chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps it all up.  This time the veteran wild game master has a very nice venison recipe.

Great guests and information.  I hope you like the show.

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Radio Rundown for March 5/6

We kick off the new month with a wide range of topics on this edition of Outdoor Magazine Radio.

First, Jorden Susewitz of the Extreme Predator Hunt has a wrap up of their competition and some late season coyote hunting tips.

Then, Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews talks about the spring hunting and fishing shows and why his magazine has a presence at each one.

Hour two kicks off with southern Lake Michigan Charter Captain Mike Orr of Five Orrs Charters.  Mike talks about early season trolling for coho and browns in warm water discharge outlets.

Then Drew YoungeDyke of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (mucc.org) brings us up to date on proposed legislation in Washington to de-list Michigan wolves.

Brad Dupuie of Michigan based Qwest Pontoons wraps up the hour with details on the Mid Michigan boat show coming up March 11-13, and how you can see the popular Angler Qwest  at that show.

Springtime fishing is the subject in our final hour as I talk with river guide and charter captain Paul Schlafley of RiverSide Charters in Manistee.  Paul has advice on river fishing for steelhead and early season, big water trolling for browns.

Chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps up the show with a nice walleye recipe.

A fast paced show with great guests and lots of information.  I hope you like it.

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Show Rundown for Weekend of December 19/20

Lots of great guests and information this last weekend before Christmas on the Outdoor Magazine Radio Show.

First, Ted Harpham of Darton Archery joins me to talk about their 2016 product line up.

Then, Chad Stearns of Jays Sporting Goods has details on the Mid Michigan Safari Club’s (MidMichiganSafariClub.org)  Sportsmen Against Hunger program.

We wrap up the hour with Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews.  Tom has details on their January edition.

Wintertime steelheading is the opening topic of hour number two as I talk with Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee.  Paul says the fishing has been spotty so far this season.

“Inventing the Outdoors”  is the subject of my next guest as Sandra Clark of the Michigan Historical Museum (Michigan.gov/museum) talks about the Webster Marble display currently being featured.

Detroit Free Press (freep.com) Outdoor Writer Lydia Lohrer is featured in the final hour of this week’s show.  Lydia is the only female outdoor editor in a top twenty five newspaper market and she was the first female host of a hunting show on the Outdoor Channel.  She has some interesting thoughts on women in the outdoors and the state of hunting and fishing in Michigan today.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This time Dave has a hearty venison recipe.

I hope you like the show.


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Independence Day Show Rundown

First, Lisa Jackson of the Michigan dnr  joins me to talk about the elk and bear drawing process.  Far more people apply than are successful and that leads to some questions about the system.

Then Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa (farmerweather.com and Mlive) talks about why the summer has been windy and cooler than normal so far.  He also says that weather pattern should shift in the next couple of weeks.

Hour two features outdoor writer and wildlife expert Richard P Smith.  Richard talks about bear hunting in Michigan and how to use trail cameras to scout for the upcoming deer season.

The topic of Michigan snakes wraps up the hour as I talk with Hannah Schauer of the Michigan DNR.  Hanna is producing a series of videos to highlight each of our 18 species.

Lake Michigan charter captain Paul Schlafley of River Side Charters  in Manistee is my guest in the final hour of this week’s Outdoor Magazine show.  Paul talks about how the weather has affected fishing so far this season and has great advice for catching early morning king salmon and lots of lake trout.

It’s a little slower pace this week, but still lots of great information.  I hope you like the show.

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Rundown for Last Weekend in January

We wrap up January with another interesting edition of the Outdoor Magazine radio show.

First, Al Stewart of the Michigan dnr joins me to talk about springtime turkey hunting.  The deadline to apply for the restricted season hunts is February 1st.

Then Ted Harpham of Darton Archery talks about predator hunting at night with crossbows.  They’ve had great luck with this new twist on the rapidly growing sport of coyote hunting.


Hour two kicks off with the “Sturgeon General” Brenda Archambo.  Brenda is the president of the Black Lake Chapter of Sturgeon for Tomorrow and an avid proponent of the prehistoric fish.  She talks about efforts to save the fish and how a sturgeon spearing season is part of those efforts.

Then Bill Moritz, Deputy Director of the DNR joins me to talk about the new hunting and fishing license package.  Bill says some fees will go up but the number of licenses has been cut considerably.

Wintertime steelheading is the opening topic of hour number three as I talk with Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee.  Paul says it’s been tough to get on the river this year because of the ice but the fishing has been good when they can get out.

Wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar wraps up this week’s show.  Dave is still recovering from his heart attack and we shoot the breeze about their Helping Hands fundraising dinner and a big wild game dinner coming up in Midland.

Another busy show filled with great guests and information.  I hope you like it.

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Radio for this Weekend (7/16-17/11)

Another busy show this weekend on Outdoor Magazine radio.

First, Lance Valentine of Walleye 101 joins me to talk about mid summer fishing. Lance is an expert at using electronics to target big water walleye and he has some great advice.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews wraps up the hour with an update on the big Outdoor Weekend coming up in just a few weeks.

The second hour features veteran river guide and fishing captain Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee. Paul talks about fishing for offshore steelhead on Lake Michigan. He says the action several miles from port has been very good, and should continue for a couple more weeks.

Then, Tony Hansen of MUCC joins me to talk about the role of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and why membership in that group can benefit hunting and fishing in Michigan.

In the final hour we talk about traditional archery with David Balowski of St. Joe River Bows. David has some great information on shooting recurves and longbows.

The show wraps up, as always, with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has a very nice salmon recipe.

Another good show. I hope you enjoy it.

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Radio This Week (9/25)

We kick off this week’s show talking with Tom Schneider Heater Body Suit. Tom guarantees his suits will keep hunters warm on stand, or he’ll refund the purchase price. That’s pretty impressive.

Next, my friend Bill Pyles of Ohio Bowhunting Outfitters joins me to talk about deer hunting in Ohio, and his operation specifically. I’m heading to Ohio to hunt with Bill this weekend and I’m expecting some good action.

In the second hour Doug Deming of Fish Point Lodge discusses waterfowl hunting on Saginaw Bay. Doug is an expert duck and goose hunter who shares some great information.

Tony Hansen of Michigan United Conservation Clubs, wraps up the hour. This week Tony brings us up to speed on proposed gear restrictions on some Michigan rivers.

Captain Paul Schlafley kicks off our final hour. Paul is a Lake Michigan charter caption and river fishing guide though his Riverside Charters company. Paul talks about late season trolling on Lake Michigan, and also river fishing for kings salmon and steelhead.

The show wraps up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar, who this week has a very nice grouse recipe.

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Outdoor Magazine Radio ( 4/17-18)

We start out this weekend talking about the decision by a Michigan judge declaring the law against supplemental feeding of deer to be “too vague” to enforce. You can read more about that decision here.

Next, Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews joins me. Tom and I talk further about that court decision, and the frustration we both feel with the lack of information coming out of the Michigan DNR. We also discuss reaction to their new online edition of their publication.

The second hour kicks off with veteran charter captain Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee. Paul talks about the sporadic steelhead fishing this spring in the Manistee River and his hopes for an excellent salmon fishery this summer.

Tony Hansen of Michigan United Conservation Clubs helps me wrap up the hour. Tony and I discuss the recent decisions on Michigan’s bear hunting program and we talk more about that Otsego County judge’s decision regarding feeding deer.

In the final hour of this week’s show Dale Voice of Bohning Archery joins me. Bohning has been in the archery business for more than sixty years and they still continue to produce great products today.

We wrap up with chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week the Chef talks about fiddle head ferns and how they can be used in tasty springtime dishes.

Another busy show. I hope you enjoy it.

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