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Radio Rundown for 1/6

First, professional angler and charter captain Lance Valentine of Walleye101 joins me to talks about the upcoming outdoor show season.  Lance will be speaking next weekend at the Ultimate Fishing Show in Novi and later at our outdoor expo in West Branch.  For details on that show check out this website.  MikeAveryExpo.com.

Next Ben Nielsen of Showspan previews their upcoming shows for this winter.

Hour two kicks off with veteran Lake St. Clair angler Jim Felgenauer.  Jim talks about perch fishing on the lake and also the time honored tradition of spearing perch on that body of water.

Michigan’s Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa of MLive joins me next.  Mark says this bitter cold weather pattern is likely to continue through the winter.

Angler Qwest‘s Brad Dupuie is up next.  Brad talks about his company’s presence at boat shows this season and also expansion of the Angler Qwest plant.

In hour three one of my favorite guests joins me.  Veteran outdoorsman and outdoor writer Tom Lounsbury talks about his fall hunting season and looks ahead to wintertime rabbit hunting.

We wrap it up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar.  This time Dave has a very unusual bobcat recipe.

I hope you like the show.

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Radio Rundown for New Years Weekend

We kick off the new year with some great guests and information this week on the Outdoor Magazine Radio Show.

First, Ben Nielsen of Showspan joins me to talk about the big Ultimate Fishing Show coming up next weekend in Novi.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews talks about the Michigan deer season and the big buck photos submitted to their magazine this year.

Hour two features Al Herman of the Michigan Friends of NRA (friendsofnra.org).  Al says the recent political pressure against guns makes it more important than ever to get new people involved in shooting.  His group has a series of fundraising dinners across the state with that goal in mind.

The topic of Michigan’s elk herd wraps up the hour as I talk with Michigan dnr Biologist Brian Mastenbrook.  Brian talks about the upcoming aerial survey of the herd and plans for a new research study of the animals.

Fishing is the topic in the final hour of this week’s show as I talk with Michigan’s “Mr. Walleye”,Mark Martin .  Mark has some great fishing tips, but he also talks about the  business of fishing and what it takes to be successful.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dixie Dave Minar and another great wild game recipe.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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Radio Show for January 7/8

First, Ted Harpham of Michigan’s Darton Archery Company joins me with a preview of their new bows and crossbows for 2012. That product will be officially unveiled next week at the Archery Trade Association Show in Columbus.

Next Tom Huggler of Showspan has details on the big Ultimate Fishing Show next week in Novi. You can get details on that show here.

The second hour features John Caretti of The Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association. Trapping has been used for centuries to control the overpopulation of animals, and it’s still a viable tool today. The sport has received some bad publicity lately from the animal rights crazies and John talks about why those people are wrong.

Next, Troy Waterman of MOAB Hunting joins me. Troy has details of a giveaway contest on the Outdoor Magazine Facebook page. You can get details on how to win a camouflage mailbox of custom dip camo skull mount here.

We wrap up the hour with Tony Hansen of Michigan’s MUCC. This week Tony responds to criticism of his group.

Jim Sprague of K&E Tackle joins me to kick off the third hour. Jim talks about running a fishing related business and the factors involved in being successful. He also has a preview of his involvement in the upcoming Ultimate Fishing Show and describes the bass tournament circuit he runs in the summer months.

We wrap it up, as always, with wild game chef Dixie Dave Minar who has another great wild game recipe.

A very busy show this week packed with lots of great information. I hope you enjoy it.

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