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Mike Avery’s Outdoor Magazine is the premiere outdoor radio show in Michigan. The program started more than twenty-five years ago on one small station in Saginaw and now has grown to thirty affiliates.

In each weekly three hour show, Mike talks about the latest outdoor news and also interviews experts to get tips and advice to make the most of your next outdoor adventure.

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I’m no longer in the outdoor television business, but video is still a big part of what I do.

I use video on my social media outlets, including “Live” segments on my facebook page every week.

Tune in Wednesday mornings at 8:45 (eastern) to get a live look behind the scenes at the radio studio. You can also join me for “Wednesday Night Live” at 7:00 PM.

A Michigan wintertime tradition. #bunnies #beagles #rabbithunting #tradition #smallgamehunting ...

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Gary James says Bowfishing isn’t just a springtime activity. #bowfishing #carp #carpshooting ...

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Jake Cook with a beautiful Tawas Bay walleye. Trolling in January. Cool. #fishing #walleye #trolling #wnter #noice ...

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I bought a new gun for my wife Denise. Of course I had to shoot it first to be sure it “works”. The Smith and Wesson Shield 380 EZ is a good choice for a new shooter. Easy to manipulate and very little recoil. #handguns #rangetime #goodshooter @officialsmithandwesson ...

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Here’s your chance to win a Wraith 270 blind from @primaltreestands. To enter, follow Primal, @outdoorpregame and @mikeaveryoutdoors... then tag two of your buddies. The drawing is January 31st. Good luck! ...

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