Mike Avery’s Outdoor Magazine is the premiere outdoor radio show in Michigan. The program started more than twenty-five years ago on one small station in Saginaw and now has grown to thirty affiliates.

In each weekly three hour show, Mike talks about the latest outdoor news and also interviews experts to get tips and advice to make the most of your next outdoor adventure.

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I’m no longer in the outdoor television business, but video is still a big part of what I do.

I use video on my social media outlets, including “Live” segments on my facebook page every week.

Tune in Wednesday mornings at 8:45 (eastern) to get a live look behind the scenes at the radio studio. You can also join me for “Wednesday Night Live” at 7:00 PM.

Congrats to Bernie Bierschbach for winning this @mrheater at our Wednesday Night Live from @jayssportinggoods in Clare. Thank you Matt Poet for your generosity. ...

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We’ve come a long way from the days of relying on flannel and wool to stay warm. @versaskins ...

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With all the emphasis on big game hunting we often lose track of the simpler side of hunting. #smallgamehunting #squirrelhunting #kidshunting #raisethemright ...

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A new, non-leaking, pair of warm boots from @jayssportinggoods. Just in time for the cold weather. @lacrossefootwear #warmfeet #dryfeet #1600gramsofinsulation ...

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