Rundown for 12/15

Predator hunting is the opening topic this week as Josh Mapes from Overdrive Outdoors joins me.  Josh has great advice on hunting coyotes, especially after dark. Josh will be a featured speaker at our Outdoor Expo in West Branch coming up Feb 1st and 2nd.  Details at... Read more

Rundown for December 8/9

We get an update from Michigan dnr big game specialist Chad Stewart to start out this week’s show.  Chad talks about the firearm deer season and has the latest on CWD.  We also discuss the mandatory antler point restriction proposal for hunters in... Read more

Show Rundown for December 1st

We kick off a new month this weekend. First, retired Michigan dnr wildlife biologist John Ozoga joins me to talk about the Upper Peninsula deer herd.  He says things aren’t looking good. Then, Allan Goetz from the Michigan Buck Pole ( checks in... Read more

ODM Radio for the end of November

We wrap up this month with a wide range of topics. First, Dale Hendershot of the Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association ( joins me.  Dale says trapping is alive and well in Michigan today. Then, Tom Campbell from Woods-n-Waternews has a preview... Read more

This Week on the Outdoor Magazine (11/17)

The tradition of deer hunting in Michigan is the opening topic this week as I share some thoughts on what it means to me, and to Michigan hunters as a whole. Then, one of the most interesting hunters I know, Nick Ostroski joins me to talk about his recent elk hunt in... Read more

This Week on the Radio Show (11/10)

The  Sportsmen Against Hunger  program is our first topic of discussion this week as Ray Rustem from the Michigan dnr joins me with details on how hunters can donate their venison to the needy. Then Scott Kietzman from Linwood Taxidermy has some great advice on... Read more