Show Rundown for May 11/12

I kick off the show talking about my recent Captain’s Class with Great Lakes Charter Training. It’s an intensive, nine day class designed to provide students with their Charter License. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. My instructor, Capt. John... Read more

Rundown for First Weekend in May

Lots of fishing talk this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio. First, Captain Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee joins me to talk about the springtime steelhead run and early season trolling action on the Big Lake. Then, Jason Wolverton of the Forward... Read more

Rundown for April 27/28

Morel Mushrooms are the opening topic this week as Clayton Edney from the Michigan Morels facebook page joins me. Clayton is an expert when it comes to finding the tasty fungus. He has great advice on where to look, and what to do with the springtime treat. Then Tom... Read more

April 20-Hour 1

We kick off the show on a fishing theme as I talk with Ali Shakoor. Ali is a tournament angler and fisheries biologist, so he has a tremendous amount of insight into fisheries related issues. We talk about his recent tournament fishing adventures, as well as the... Read more

April 20-Hour 2

Hour 2 features Bob Kaleta of Vanguard Outdoors. Bob is an avid hunter and Product Marketing Manager for Sporting Optics, Hunting & Outdoors. Bob talks about choosing the right optics and gear. Plus, he has great advice on how to be more successful in the turkey... Read more