Fisheries biologist and tournament angler Ali Shakoor is the first guest this week. Ali talks about the walleye action Lake Erie and some of the research he’s doing in the lab.

Then, Captain Mel Stackpoole of Great Lakes Charter Training has details of bringing his classes back online after the covid shut down.

Hour two kicks off with Don Miller of Motor City Muskies. Don has great advice on how to catch those big Lake St. Clair fish.

Brad Dupuie of Angler Qwest Boats is up next. Brad talks about the popularity of their hard core fishing pontoons and why anglers across the country are excited.

Then, Chad Stewart of the Michigan DNR joins me for this week’s “Ask Avery” segment. This time, we’re talking about road killed whitetails.

We continue our fishing theme in the final hour this week as Dave Mull joins the conversation. I call Dave the “YakMaster” because of his strong promotion of using kayaks as fishing platforms. He checks in from the water of Muskegon Lake as he gets ready for a tournament there.

We wrap it all up with chef Dave Minar and a very interesting sheephead recipe.

I hope you like the show.