We kick off this week’s show with Dan Jordan of Team Anglerfish. We catch up with Dan at the Angler Qwest plant in St. Louis, Michigan as he’s picking up his new boat.

Dan has great advice on trolling for southern Lake Michigan salmon and trout. He also talks about jigging the Detroit River for big springtime walleye.

Then, Karen Cleveland of the Michigan DNR joins me to talk about the increasing number of eagles in Michigan, and why those majestic birds are doing so well.

Hour two features Michigan native Tim Buechle. Tim sold all his earthly possessions and moved to Alaska to become a trapper and hunting guide. He has some interesting insight into the outdoor experience there, compared to back in Michigan.

You can see Tim on the trap line in this video….

Dr. Kim Signs of the Michigan Department of Health is up next. She tells the story of a boy who was bitten by a bat and got rabies. Dr. Signs says it’s easy to protect your family from that disease though and has some simple suggestions.

Turkey hunting is the topic in the final hour this week as I talk with Kevin Sharron of Jay’s Sporting Goods. Kevin describes the different types of turkey guns, choke tubes and shotgun loads. He also takes us through the process of patterning a turkey gun.

We wrap it up once again with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This week Dave has a very nice coho recipe.

I hope you like the show.