We kick off the new month with some very interesting guests and topics.

First, Nick Grillo of Michigan Brand Meats tells the story of his Ontario wolf hunt. Nick saw multiple animals and was able to take a beautiful wolf just two days into his adventure.

Then, Allan Goetz of the Michigan Buck Pole wraps up the deer season by talking about a couple of giants taken last fall.

The second hour of this week’s show features Lake St. Clair angler Jim Felgenauer. Jim is president of the St. Clair Chapter of Sturgeon for Tomorrow (St.ClairSturgeon.org), but he’s also an avid perch fisherman. Jim talks about the unique tradition of perch spearing on the lake.

Michigan DNR biologist Gary Whelan is up next. Gary talks about the largemouth bass virus that’s spreading across the state.

We’re talking predator hunting in the final hour this week with Bob Abbott of Dog Tired TV (facebook.com/dogtiredtv). Bob is an expert coyote hunter, especially after dark. He has some great advice on targeting night time predators.

Once again, we wrap up the show with Chef Dixie Dave Minar. This time Dave has a very nice goose recipe.

I hope you like the show.