May 11-Hour 1

  I kick off the show talking about my recent Captain’s Class with Great Lakes Charter Training. It’s an intensive, nine day class designed to provide students with their Charter License. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. My... Read more

May 11-Hour 2

Hour two features Drew YoungeDyke of the National Wildlife Federation. Drew talks about the latest in the battle against Asian Carp. He says we can still stop that invasive species…..but time is running out. Then MUCC Executive Director, Amy... Read more

May 11-Hour 3

Hour 3 kicks off with “The Sturgeon General”, Brenda Archambo. Brenda started the Sturgeon for Tomorrow group more than twenty years ago with a goal of protecting the prehistoric fish. Brenda talks about the springtime sturgeon spawning run... Read more

May 5-Hour 1

  Lots of fishing talk this week on Outdoor Magazine Radio. First, Captain Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee joins me to talk about the springtime steelhead run and early season trolling action on the Big Lake. Then, Jason Wolverton of... Read more

May 5-Hour 2

    “Chairman of the Boards”, Bruce DeShano of Off Shore Tackle kicks off the second hour. Bruce describes how he started the company and where it is today. DeShano also talks about trolling, and why it’s such an effective way to... Read more