I kick off the show talking about my recent Captain’s Class with Great Lakes Charter Training. It’s an intensive, nine day class designed to provide students with their Charter License. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. My instructor, Capt. John Littlefield, did a great job in making some tough subjects easier to understand.

Capt. John Littlefield Explains Charting

Then, the “Tick Terminator”, Brian Anderson joins me to talk about preventing Lyme Disease caused by tick bites. You can learn more at Brian’s Website.

Capt. Mel Stackpoole is up next. Mel is the guy behind Great Lakes Charter Training. He explains how the class is set up and what Captains can do with their Coast Guard license.

Then Tom Campbell of Woods-n-Waternews wraps up the hour. He talks about their current edition on newstands and previews their upcoming June magazine.

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