We kick off this week’s show talking about the de-listing of wolves with Cody Norton of the Michigan DNR. Cody brings us up to date on the wolf population of our Upper Peninsula and discusses what a future wolf hunt might look like. He also cautions it will likely be some time before a hunt could be instituted.

Hour two features Eric Peterson of West Michigan Whitetail Tracking. Eric describes how he trains his dogs to recover fatally wounded whitetails. He also talks about what to expect from a tracking dog and what to do before calling in a tracker.

Amy Trotter from MUCC is up next. She has reaction to the overwhelming passage of Proposal 1 on the recent ballot.

This week’s Ask Avery segment wraps up the hour with more discussion on the logistics, and possible timetable, of a Michigan wolf hunt.

We wrap up the show talking about about Trapping. Trapper are some of the most knowledgeable outdoorsmen and women in the woods. Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association President Mark Spencer describes trapping today.

Thanks for listening.