We’re kicking off the new year this week on Outdoor Magazine radio.

First, Josh Pawlak of Shadow Hunter Blinds joins me to announce our new partnership.

Then, Tyler Waibel talks about the Wilcraft ice fishing vehicle.

The hour wraps up with Ben Nielsen of Showspan. He talks about the covid related schedule changes of their big outdoor shows this spring.

“Whitetail Whisperer” John Eberhart kicks off the second hour this week. John talks about his deer season and why he didn’t shoot a buck this year. He also has some great post season scouting advice.

Amy Trotter from MUCC is up next. She brings us up to speed on two new Natural Resource Commission members.

Perch spearing on Lake St. Clair is the opening topic in Hour 3 this week as I talk with lifelong LSC angler, Jim Felgenauer.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dave Minar. This time he as a very nice venison Salisbury steak recipe.

I hope you like the show.