Vance Gawel is my first guest this week. Vance is a houndsman who lost a dog to wolves a few years ago. He talk about running wolves with his dogs if Michigan ever gets another wolf hunt.

Then, Ben Nielsen of Showspan talks about the hard decision of cancelling their entire 11 show season because of Covid.

Tom Campbell from Woods-n-Waternews is up next with a look at the latest edition of their magazine.

Urban angler Johne Trevino is featured in the second hour this week. Johne talks about fishing the Grand River in Grand Rapids and Lansing.

Rachel Leightner of the Michigan DNR is up next. Rachel has great advice on how to minimize conflict with bears as they come out of hibernation.

This week’s Ask Avery segment deals with how I find radio affiliates and whether I have any say in when those stations air my show.

Food plots are the topic in hour 3 as I talk with Nick Percy of Killer Food Plots. Nick says it’s not too early to start thinking about food plots. In fact, this is a great time to do some early season frost seeding.

The show wraps up with wild game chef Dave Minar. This time he as a tasty, late season squirrel recipe.

I hope you like the show.