Larry Jennings of Jonah Jigs is my first guest this week. Larry is an expert on catching giant king salmon using a technique often favored by walleye anglers. Larry says this is the best time of year to jig up giant king salmon and he has great advice on how to do it.

Then, Bob Ransom of Primal Treestands talks about the excitement over their new “Wraith 270” see through blind. He also announces details on the extension of their promotional program to get one of those blinds for just $200. Go to the website and use the promo code MIKE20 to get your savings.

Waterfowl hunting is the opening topic in the second hour this week. San Sasse is a hard core goose hunter who loves Michigan’s early goose season. He has several suggestions on how to make the most of the season.

Nick Green of MUCC is up next. Nick talk about the latest edition of their “Michigan Out of Doors” magazine. He also describes the challenges of defending Michigan’s hunters and anglers, while dealing with the covid pandemic.

Bear hunting is the topic in Hour 3 this week as I talk with outdoor writer and noted black bear expert, Richard P. Smith. He talks about where to set up a bait and what to use to attract bears. Richard also has great advice on determining the sex and size of a bear before the harvest.

We wrap it up with Chef Dave Minar and another great recipe. This time it’s walleye.

I hope you like the show.