We kick off this week’s show with Drew YoungeDyke of the National Wildlife Federation. Drew talks about a video about asian carp called “Against the Current”.

Then Matt Tagget of REK Broadheads talks about the design of their new broadhead and the challenge of starting up a new company in the age of covid.

Captain John Littlefield kicks off hour 2 this week. John is one of the instructor for Great Lakes Charter Training and he discusses the process of getting your captains license.

Ian Fitzgerald from MUCC is up next. Ian describes why that group is recommending a “yes” vote on Proposal 1.

We wrap up the hour with this week’s “Ask Avery” segment. This time I talk about the process of becoming an outdoor communicator and how easy it is with today’s technology.

We’re talking deer hunting in hour three this week with Greg Abbas of A-Way Outdoors. Greg has great advice on calling deer, using scent and mock scrapes. We also talk about his invention consulting business to help folks break into the outdoor market.

Wild Game Chef Dave Minar is featured in the final segment. Once again, Dave has another great recipe.

I hope you like the show.